LeafDrop Drop-Off Leaf Pile

LeafDrop is a seasonal program offered by Denver Recycles that turns leaves into compost. The final compost product is made available at a discounted price to Denver residents at the Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale each May.

2021 Weekday Drop Sites

Step 1.Drop Off Your Leaves For Free!

Step 2.October 4 - December 3

Monday - Friday
8 am to 2 pm

  1. Central Platte Campus
    1271 W. Bayaud Ave.
    Denver, CO 80223
    (Next to the Denver Animal Shelter)
  2. Cherry Creek Transfer Station
    7301 E. Jewell Ave.
    Denver, CO 80231
    (Quebec St. and E. Jewell Ave.)
  3. Havana Nursery
    10450 Smith Rd.
    Denver, CO 80239
    (Smith Rd. and Havana St.)
    All leaves brought to Havana and Central Platte Campus must be in bags.

2021 Weekend Drop Sites

 Weekend drop sites were open October 30 - November 14, 2021.


Use Paper Bags - they're compostable too!

LeafDrop Paper Bag Unlike plastic bags, brown paper bags can be composted along with the leaves; saving time and reducing plastic waste. Paper leaf bags can be found at local hardware stores but call ahead to confirm they are in stock. Residents unable to get paper leaf bags, may bring their leaves in plastic bags.