Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale

Free Dig-Your-Own Mulch is still available at the Havana Nursery location. Hours of operation are M-F, 8 AM – 2 PM. The pile can be accessed from the NE Parks District entrance on Smith road (closer to Havana than our entrance on 5/1). Please drive slowly in this site and watch for trucks and other vehicles!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What's different about this event in 2021?

 The big difference in the Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale this year is that the 'Mulch Giveaway' and 'Compost Sale' portions have been separated. Compost will not be offered for purchase at the Havana Nursery. Instead, bags of compost will be sold at four participating Ace Hardware stores for the same great discounted price of $5 per bag (plus tax). Bulk compost will be sold at two A1 Organics locations for an even lower price of $30 per cubic yard (compared to $35/cubic yard in past years). Dig-your-own-mulch will be available at four locations (Havana Nursery, Bear Creek Park, Sloan’s Lake Park, and Veteran’s Park). The Havana Nursery location will offer free mulch loader service to load for trucks and trailers.

Why did we make changes to this event?

 Many factors contributed to the new event structure this year. Ultimately, we're happy that we can direct people to the locations where compost is available for purchase all the time (not just for a one-day event!). Visit for information about year-round retail locations. Visit the Ace Hardware website to located the store nearest you.

Can I get mulch and compost at the same location on May 1?

No. New as of this year, the compost sale and the mulch giveaway events are located at separate locations.

What are we doing to ensure safety at this event?

All event attendees must wear masks at all times, at ALL locations, and even while in their own personal vehicles. Additional oversight and metering at the dig-your-own-mulch piles will ensure proper social distancing. For compost purchases, Ace Hardware and A1 Organics are committed to ensuring social distancing and COVID precautions at their retail locations.

Mulch Giveaway

Where can I get free 'Dig-Your-Own' mulch?

 Free 'dig-your-own' mulch is available at four locations this year: Havana Nursery, Bear Creek Park, Veterans Park, and Sloan's Lake Park.

Where can I get free loader service mulch?

Just as in past years, loader service mulch is ONLY available at the Havana Nursery. You must have a truck (no canopy) or a trailer to get into the loader service line.

Do I need to bring my own digging tools for digging mulch?

YES! Communal tools will NOT be provided. Please bring your own shovel, rake, or/or other equipment for loading mulch into your vehicle.

Can I get loader-service mulch AND dig-your-own mulch at any of the sites?

 Yes, both loader-service mulch and dig-your-own mulch can be obtained at the Havana Nursery location. Please get in line for loader service and then ask an event flagger to direct you to the dig-your-own pile after you've received your bulk mulch

Compost Sale

How much compost do I need?

  • A1 Organics has a great compost calculator located on their website, Be sure to set the product to “EcoGro” and the calculator will let you know how many cubic yards or bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost you will need for your project.
  • The average Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) community garden plot is 10’ x 15.’ You would need 3 bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost to cover the plot with ¼” of compost, or, 12 bags to cover it with 1” of compost. 

How much does compost weigh?

Compost is heavy! One bag, or one cubic foot, of compost weighs between 35-40 pounds. If you buy 10 bags, that’s up to 400 pounds of compost in your car! Once cubic yard (which is the same volume as 27 bags of compost) weighs roughly 1,100 pounds. A1 Organics’ compost calculator can calculate compost weights for you:       

Where can I get bags of compost on May 1?

 New this year, bags of compost are being sold at Ace Hardware locations instead of the Havana Nursery. The four Ace Hardware stores included in this event (Alameda Station, Cherry Creek, Tamarac Square, and University Hills) are honoring our $5/bag ( tax) pricing that we've historically offered at this on-day event. So, instead of just one location, you can buy discounted bags of Denver's Own  EcoGro™ Compost at four locations this year. Outside of this one-day event, this same compost is available at the regular retail price ($6.99 per bag) at all participating metro area Ace Hardware stores.  

Where can I buy bulk compost on May 1st? 

New as of this year, bulk compost is sold at A1 Organics locations instead of the Havana Nursery. Instead of just one location, you have the choice of two Denver-area locations to purchase this compost. And best of all, the pricing at these A1 Organics locations is better than it has been in past years. Bulk compost pricing is $30 per cubic yard instead of $35 per cubic yard! There is a 1 cubic yard minimum on bulk compost purchases.

Is there ‘dig-your-own’ compost offered at this event?

No. There is no ‘dig-your-own’ compost option at this event. Bags of compost are available at Ace Hardware locations and bulk compost is sold by the cubic yard at A1 Organics locations (loaded into your vehicle using a front end loader).

Can I get bags of Denver's Own EcoGro™ Compost at Ace Hardware stores other than the four included in this event on May 1?

Yes, bags of Denver's Own  EcoGro™ Compost are always available at participating Ace Hardware stores for $6.99 per bag. The four stores included in this one-day event are offering the $5 pricing for May 1st ONLY!

I'm a Denver Composts customer. Why don't I get free compost?

It takes resources to turn our waste (food scraps and yard debris) into a resource (compost) that can be used in our yards. The fees collected for the Denver Composts program cover the costs of providing customers with a green compost collection cart and kitchen pail, and the cost of collecting organic material from Denver homes, transporting this material to the compost processor, and the composting process itself. If Denver Composts were to offer compost to program participants, this cost would have to be passed along to the consumer in the form of a higher subscription fee. To keep costs as low as possible for participants, Denver Recycles has chosen to not provide finished compost to its customers free of charge. Denver Composts' customers may purchase discounted bulk and pre-bagged compost at the annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale. Outside of this on-day event where compost is offered at discounted rate, compost can be purchased throughout the season at regular retail pricing. The pre-bagged Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost can be found at participating metro-area Ace Hardware stores and bulk compost can be found at A1 Organics’ retail yards.