Provisional Assignments

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The mission of the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) Civil Division is to provide quality customer service in the processing and execution of civil process. The duties of the Civil Division are widely varied, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Service of civil process
  • Sale of real and personal property under court order
  • Execution of court ordered evictions

The Civil Unit is assigned to established district or service areas with one (1) deputy assigned to each service area. Each deputy is responsible for all scheduling and service of legal processes in their assigned area. 

To learn more about the Civil Unit, visit the Civil Processes page.



The classification system is used for all people in the custody of the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD). It is the policy of the DSD to objectively classify inmates in a way that, not only ensures public safety, but also furthers the department’s mission and classification goals, while providing safe and humane treatment for those in our care. Those in our care receive information about available programs while providing safe and humane treatment for those in our care.

Responsibilities for deputies working in classification may include:

  • Assess those coming into the facility and assign appropriate housing.
  • Ensure each inmate receives an orientation regarding facility rules, regulations, and sanctions.
  • Review an inmate's housing, classification, and work assignment when changes are made to charges, status, work assignment, physical or mental condition, and/or upon the request of the inmate or a supervisor.




A deputy assigned to this post is responsible for the care and custody of inmates outside of the Correction Care Medical Facility (CCMF) in the main hospital. 

Deputies provide security by overseeing inmates admitted to the main hospital and/or undergoing dialysis, surgery, obstetrician (OB) screening, infusions, and other medical procedures. Deputies are posted inside the room with the inmate unless an inmate is placed on airborne precautions protocol, in which case, the deputy may remain outside of the room. 

The CCMF deputy is an armed post and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

The Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) Court Services Unit provides safety, security, and court related services in three (3) separate locations, including: the City and County Building, Probation, and the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. The Court Services Unit also provides security for the Treasury Division, as requested by the Treasury Division supervision team. 

A large percentage of those in custody in Denver are non-sentenced, pre-trial offenders. Court Services staff escort several hundred inmates to and from court hearings every week. Get more information about Court Services by visiting the Court Services webpage.

Deputies working in Court Service are responsible for the following general duties, as assigned:

  • Ensure the overall security of courtrooms and court holding areas – respond to courtroom disturbances
  • Maintain order and decorum during daily operations
  • Conduct daily morning searches of courtrooms to ensure a safe, secure working environment
  • Maintain security and supervision of those in our care during court appearances
  • Ensure inmate restraints are applied and functioning properly
  • Coordinate with court staff for a smooth transition of inmates to and from the court security area
  • Provide out of building escorts to inmates who have been granted furloughs for funerals or medical visits
  • Supervise inmates who have been sentenced to participate in the DSD Saturday work crew
  • Maintain security and visibility during the night traffic court docket

The Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU) is responsible for picking up warranted individuals in the City and County of Denver. FAU works with Denver Police and Denver Marshall to locate and apprehend fugitives. The Denver Sheriff Department Fugitive Apprehension Unit is responsible for bringing hundreds of wanted persons to justice every month.

The Denver Sheriff Department recognizes that gang activity has a tremendous negative impact on our community and the criminal justice system. The Denver Sheriff Department Gang/Intelligence Unit is committed to the suppression of gang activity and the collection of intelligence.

The purpose of the Denver Sheriff Department Gang/Intelligence Unit is to promote communication and cooperation between the community, the Denver Sheriff Department, and other law enforcement agencies.

Juvenile programs are separate from programs available to adults. All staff who work with juveniles in the custody of the Denver Sheriff Department are trained to work with juveniles and are qualified to work specialized juvenile programs. 

The Juvenile Work Program allows juveniles within a certain age range to work at specified locations for a court-ordered amount of time as an alternative sentence.


The K9 Unit is stationed within close proximity of both downtown courthouses and the Vehicle Impound Facility.

The unit conducts daily sweeps of the premises, including courtrooms holding high profile trials, jury assembly rooms, and the perimeter of associated buildings. The K9 Unit often works in building searches and in conjunction with our Emergency Response Unit.

Our K9 Unit includes six dogs: four Belgian malinois, one German shepherd, and one black lab.

Side-by-side pictures of the 6 sheriff dogs

Image above (left to right): Rue, Kuko, Karma, Koda, Bolo, Buddy

The Logistics Unit serves as a vital component of the Denver Sheriff Department, maintaining operations inside the Downtown Detention Center and the Denver County Jail. Deputies in the Logistics Unit distribute commissary, deliver books and inmate mail (including legal mail), and supervise inmate workers in the dock area.


The Records Unit is stationed at the Downtown Detention Center and is primarily responsible for maintaining records of inmates currently or previously housed within Denver Sheriff Department facilities. Records kept include: court records, fugitive lists, long term records (including clearances), and inmate holds.

Recruiting Deputies communicate with candidates for deputy positions, hold information sessions with the public and those interest in applying, coordinate with outside entities to hold hiring and community events, and coordinate facility tours for members of the public. The Recruitment Unit encourages and promotes equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants based on merit and without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, age, or any other status protected under federal, state, and/or local law.


The Training Academy's mission is to provide the highest caliber of professional public safety training to all uniformed and civilian staff so they may safely and effectively serve the citizens of the City and County of Denver. This position ensures training programs are initiated and maintained and include thorough pre-service, in-service, and field training programs, which allow staff to perform their jobs competently.

The Vehicle Impound Facility (VIF) is responsible for providing the protection and security of all property and vehicles impounded by the Denver Police Department within the corporate boundaries of the City and County of Denver. Deputies assigned to the Vehicle Impound Facility may be assigned to the Abandoned Vehicle Detail, which enforces applicable Denver Revised Municipal Code or the Investigations Unit, which processes impounded vehicles and coordinates vehicle auctions. To learn more about the VIF, visit the Vehicle Impound webpage.

The Wellness Coordinator focuses on the physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health of all employees (civilian and uniformed) by developing programs that meet the department’s needs. It is important that each employee maintains a reasonable level of physical fitness and overall wellness. This position helps each employee accomplish tasks or duties related to their job description while reducing the risk of injury and illness.

The Work Release Investigator is assigned to the Denver County Jail (COJL) and conducts routine and random jobsite checks on those in the custody and care of the Denver Sheriff Department who are enrolled in the Work Release program. The investigator is also responsible for supervising the Alternative Sentencing Unit programs for work search and release, education, treatment, and sheriff home detention.