COVID-19 Case Dashboards


Information on these dashboards is updated every weekday by 6:30 p.m.  

COVID-19 case reporting represents laboratory-confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 among residents living in Denver County, Colorado. The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment investigates all lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Denver residents through interviews and medical record reviews. These data may not reflect information for cases currently under investigation.  

The numbers and information on this page may differ from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment due to differences in timing of reporting and case classification. There are also delays in data entry that limit our ability to know whether recently reported cases have been hospitalized.  

Additional data on COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to Denver County residents is being tracked by the Public Health Institute at Denver Health.  

COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on neighborhoods and communities of color is critical. Public health agencies in Denver are working hard to ensure free testing and access to care and resources are available for communities that are most adversely impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic in Denver.  

COVID-19 Case Summary

The dashboards reflect data from confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases among Denver County residents.

Epi Curves 

Total Cases

The following graphs show the number of confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases among Denver residents over time. Counts may differ from other data sources depending on lags in reporting or timing of updates.



The following graphs show the number of deaths among COVID-19 cases in Denver. A death is counted when a COVID-19 patient dies within 30 days of their symptom onset or test date and is a resident of Denver County. Death data is derived from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment's Colorado Electronic Disease Reporting System and is based on death certificate data. Counts may differ from other data sources depending on lags in reporting or timing of updates. 

One Week Incidence Rate

Denver Hospital Census

Data shows the total number of COVID-19 patients in Denver hospitals on a given day. This includes all patients regardless of what county they live in (not just Denver residents).


Over time, COVID-19 infection rates have varied in Denver, we have seen a notable increase over time in the proportion of cases who identify as Hispanic or Latino. Examining COVID-19’s impact on communities of color is critical and analyzing data in this way can help us to advocate for allocation of resources and outreach towards populations and communities with elevated needs.   

Race/Ethnicity Incidence


Case Percent by Race/Ethnicity


Cumulative Race/Ethnicity


We have seen shifts over time in the age groups being most severely impacted by COVID-19 that align with shifts in exposures in the community. At the beginning of the pandemic we saw increased rates of infection among older populations, notably people in their 70s and 80s, especially as long-term care facilities reported outbreaks. As COVID-19 began spreading further in the community, we began to see increased rates among people aged 20-40 years, which includes a large portion of our essential workforce. We continue to monitor trends in age demographics to better understand community spread. 

Age Incidence


Case Percent by Age Group


Cumulative Age


Cumulative Sex


Sex Incidence


Case Percent by Sex


The following graphs show information about molecular COVID-19 testing in Denver. The 7-day average positivity graph shows the average percentage of all molecular tests in Denver over the last week that were positive. The testing by day graph shows the total number of tests in Denver by day since March 2020, with blue representing negative tests and orange representing positive tests. The percentage of Denver population tested graph shows the average percentage of Denver's population tested over the previous 7 days. Testing information may differ from other data sources depending on lags in reporting and timing of updates.



Case Rate Map

 The following map displays COVID-19 case information by Denver neighborhood.