COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboards


Information on these dashboards is updated Mondays and Thursdays by 6:30 p.m. 

Denver County

The following graphs reflect data on COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to Denver County residents. These data come from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS). 

Denver County COVID-19 Vaccine Summary Data


Cumulative and Daily Denver County COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered


Denver County COVID-19 Vaccine Two Dose Series Completion


COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness. Tracking who has received the vaccine helps us to understand the scale of protection against the virus and how this is distributed across Denver. There are currently three types of vaccine approved through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for protection against COVID-19: Pfizer, Moderna, and recently approved, Johnson & Johnson. Additional information on COVID-19 vaccinations and the current Colorado vaccination phase can be found on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment vaccine page.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is the only one currently approved in the United States that requires only one dose to provide maximum protection. Pfizer and Moderna each require two doses for maximum protection, given at specific intervals after the first dose. For Pfizer, that interval is 21 days, for Moderna, 28 days. It is not advisable to obtain your second dose earlier than recommended.

It's important if you get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines that you receive both doses - administered as close as possible to the recommended interval as possible. If, for any reason, this is not feasible, the second dose may be administered up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose.

For the latter two vaccines, we monitor the number of individuals who have received only their first, initial dose as well as those who have completed the series (received both vaccine doses).

The FDA and CDC recently recommended COVID-19 additional (booster) doses for all individuals 16 or older if they completed their Moderna or Pfizer series at least six months ago or received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago. 


Age Group

The following graph shows the cumulative percent of persons vaccinated over time by age group for everyone who has received COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone in Colorado age 5 and over is eligible to receive the vaccine. 

Cumulative Denver County COVID-19 Vaccination by Age Group


Race and Ethnicity

The following graph shows the cumulative percent of persons vaccinated over time by race and ethnicity for all recommended age groups. 

Cumulative Denver County COVID-19 Vaccination by Race and Ethnicity, Ages 5 Years and Over

Preventing racial disparities in the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines will be important to help mitigate the disproportionate impacts of the virus for people of color and prevent widening racial health disparities going forward. As we work towards vaccine equity, it's important that those most affected by COVID-19 have the opportunity to become vaccinated, helping us to reach high vaccination rates across individuals and communities which is a key factor for achieving broader population immunity.

The following graph shows Denver County's COVID-19 vaccination by age as well as race and ethnicity in order to provide greater insight into who is receiving the vaccine and whether some groups are facing disparities in vaccination. 

Denver County COVID-19 Vaccination by Age and Race/Ethnicity