COVID-19 Testing in Denver

This is historic COVID-19 data. This data is no longer updated and was last updated in November 2023. If you're interested in viewing current COVID-19 data for the City and County of Denver, visit our Current COVID-19 Data dashboard.

Information on these dashboards is updated on Mondays by 6:30 p.m. 

The following graphs show information about molecular COVID-19 testing in Denver. The seven-day average positivity graph shows the average percentage of all molecular tests in Denver over the last week that were positive. The testing by day graph shows the total number of tests in Denver by day since March 2020, with blue representing negative tests and orange representing positive tests. The percentage of Denver population tested graph shows the average percentage of Denver's population tested over the previous  days. Testing information may differ from other data sources depending on lags in reporting and timing of updates.