City and County of Denver COVID-19 Status Update

Published on April 16, 2021

The City and County of Denver today provided the following COVID-19 status update:

Denver Moves to Level Blue
With new state orders making the COVID-19 dial optional for local jurisdictions beginning today, Denver will be issuing a revised Public Health Orders that moves Denver to Level Blue for the next 30 days. Based on key public health factors such as vaccinations, variants, case rates, hospitalizations and fatalities, Denver finds it necessary to maintain some capacity and distancing requirements for both indoor and outdoor settings while continuing a phased relaxation of certain measures. Denver's status will be re-evaluated for possible extension closer to its expiration date.

Denver Mask Order Updated
Denver’s new Face Covering Order removes previous restrictions that required face coverings in outdoor settings. However, extra precaution is encouraged around groups of people outdoors when you are unsure of others' vaccination status. With about 1 in 4 Colorado residents fully vaccinated, we should still be cautious. Face coverings in indoor settings remain mandatory in any public location. The order aligns with neighboring counties and the state’s restrictions and provides a few additional protections, such as applying the face covering requirement to children age 3 and older. It also adheres to CDC requirements for face coverings on public and shared transportation. The 30-day order took effect April 14 and will be re-evaluated for possible extension closer to its expiration date.

Denver County Current Status:
*Numbers represent current data and are subject to change.

Denver residents initiating vaccination – 1st Dose received: 315,012
Denver residents completing vaccination Fully vaccinated: 169,887

Additional Denver vaccine information

Current public health orders and capacity restrictions for Level Blue

Denver one-week cumulative incidence rate (7-day moving average)

  • Friday, Apr. 9: 199.5 average of new daily cases per 100,000 population
  • Saturday, Apr. 10: 205.2
  •  Sunday, Apr. 11: 203.7
  •  Monday, Apr. 12: 207.2
  •  Tuesday, Apr. 13: 201.3
  • Wednesday, Apr. 14: 192.1
  • Thursday, Apr. 15: 168.3

One-week average positivity rate

  • Friday, Apr. 9: 4.4%
  • Saturday, Apr. 10: 4.4%
  • Sunday, Apr. 11: 4.4%
  • Monday, Apr. 12: 4.6%
  • Tuesday, Apr. 13: 4.5%
  • Wednesday, Apr. 14: 4.4%
  • Thursday, Apr. 15: 4.4%


  • Persons hospitalized with COVID-19 Denver County: 62.1 (7-day average)

Cumulative Denver positive cases: 67,239
Cumulative Denver deaths from COVID-19: 535

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