City and County of Denver COVID-19 Status Update

Published on August 20, 2021

DENVER – The City and County of Denver today provided the following COVID-19 status update:

Denver Issues New COVID-19 Public Health Order Regarding Face Coverings

The City and County of Denver issued a new Public Health Order this week requiring face coverings in schools and childcare facilities. The new requirement went into effect on Wednesday, Aug. 18 and requires all individuals in Denver ages 2 and older to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when indoors at all schools and school-based extracurricular activities regardless of vaccination status. The face covering requirement applies to students, teachers, staff, and visitors at all public and private schools (preschool through grade 12) and childcare facilities. The Public Health Orderwill remain in effect indefinitely with updates made as needed based on case rates and vaccination rates in Denver. For questions about the school and childcare mask mandates, please reference this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

The new order also includes guidance for school sports. According to the order, face coverings are required for all indoor sports. If playing outdoor sports like football, soccer, tennis and field hockey, a face covering is recommended but not required.

Booster Shots

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has developed a plan to begin offering COVID-19 booster shots this fall subject to the FDA conducting an independent evaluation and determination of the safety and effectiveness of a third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines. Furthermore, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is issuing booster dose recommendations based on a thorough review of the evidence. CDC’s independent advisory committee, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, will continue to meet and discuss data on the evolution of the pandemic and the use of COVID-19 vaccines. ACIP will make further recommendations on the use of boosters for the public after a thorough review of the evidence.

The Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) will await guidance from CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment prior to releasing plans for the administration of booster doses for the general public. The updated information from HHS does not impact the booster shot process for those currently eligible as an immunocompromised individual. When we receive additional information and have established processes at the State level, information will be released to providers and the public.

Delta Variant in Denver

The number of Delta variant cases continue to rise and now make up the majority of cases in Denver. Currently, the City and County of Denver is aware of 216 confirmed cases. People who are fully vaccinated are highly protected against COVID-19 including the variants.City public health experts continue to monitor this variant and will adjust guidance as necessary to protect and provide the safest community for Denver residents and visitors.

Testing Locations

As the COVID-19 cases continue to increase and the Delta variant spreads, it’s important to get tested for COVID-19 if you experience symptoms or are exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus, even if you are vaccinated. All residents have access to free community testing locations throughout the city. Many Walgreens locations throughout the city continue to offer free testing as well.

Vaccination Events

La Casita Back to School Event

Health Denver Festival

  • Sunday, Aug. 22, 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Sculpture Park, 1400 Curtis St.
  • First or second dose of Pfizer
  • No appointment necessary, open to the public

Denver Day of Rock

  • Saturday, August 28, noon–8:30 p.m. (COVID Vaccination & Testing available)
  • 16thSt. Mall
  • First or second dose of Pfizer
  • No appointment necessary, open to the public

Interested parties can visit this page for the current list of vaccine locations and scheduled vaccination events -

Denver County Current Status:

*Numbers represent data as of Friday, Aug. 20 and are subject to change.

  • Denver residents 12 and older initiating vaccination – 1st dose received:494,820 (78.2%)
  • Denver residents 12 and older completing vaccination–Fully vaccinated:453,628 (71.7%)

Denver one-week cumulative incidence rate (7-day moving average)

  • Friday, Aug. 13: 120.2 average of new daily cases per 100,000 population
  • Saturday, Aug. 14: 121.8
  • Sunday, Aug. 15: 120.9
  • Monday, Aug. 16: 121.3
  • Tuesday, Aug. 17: 138.3
  • Wednesday, Aug. 18: 134.9
  • Thursday, Aug. 19: 128.6

One-week average positivity rate*

  • Friday, Aug. 13: 4.0%
  • Saturday, Aug. 14: 4.1%
  • Sunday, Aug. 15: 4.2%
  • Monday, Aug. 16: 4.2%
  • Tuesday, Aug. 17: 4.3%
  • Wednesday, Aug. 18: 4.6%
  • Thursday, Aug. 19: 4.7%

* The most recent 7 days of testing may be incomplete due to delays in laboratory analysis and reporting.


  • Persons hospitalized with COVID-19 Denver County:48 (7-day average)

Cumulative Denver positive cases:78,289

Cumulative Denver deaths from COVID-19:868

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