Finance Dashboards

In April 2020, Denver received more than $126 million in federal Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF). As of early 2021, most of the funds have gone to a specific project to support the community during the pandemic. This dashboard tracks how that money has been spent.

  • The CRF was established as part of the federal CARES Act in 2020. It provides funding to State, Local, and Tribal governments to help residents affected by COVID-19.
  • Denver received $126.8 million in April 2020 and created a plan to spend it in phases, beginning with the most urgent community needs. These needs include public health and food help, emergency shelter, and business support.
  • This dashboard only shows the federal CRF funds. The city uses other funds to help Denver recover from the pandemic. Visit Denver's guidance and resources website to learn about all the city's recovery efforts.

Use the dashboard to see how much the city spent in each area, or by date. Click the buttons to filter the information, or click on project bars for details.