American Rescue Plan Act Funding

You can see Denver's latest annual ARPA Report released in July of 2022 here(PDF, 35MB)

Denver's goal is to rebuild an inclusive, sustainable, economy that works for everyone (RISE).

Denver will receive $308 million in Local Relief Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The U.S. Treasury is delivering the funds in two payments of $154 million in 2021 and 2022.

American Rescue Plan Act dollars are critical to the city's financial plan for recovery which includes a mix of federal, state, and local stimulus funds.

Denver's American Rescue Plan Funding Dashboard

Denver's Neighborhood Recovery Index

The Recovery Index looks at the economic, health, and educational wellbeing of the various neighborhoods. By clicking on a census tract, you can see both the neighborhood that a tract is located within and the various economic, health, and educational wellbeing index scores. Higher scores represent higher wellbeing (ex. A 0.98 score corresponds to better overall wellbeing than a 0.83 score). The shades of blue on the map correspond to the wellbeing score of each area with lower scores appearing in dark blue. Select one or more buttons to view different layers.

Check Out the Recovery Index Map

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