Connected Mobility

Denver is integrating technology to provide flexible, affordable, and accessible multimodal transportation options for all. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are applications that provide an innovative approach to how transportation and traffic are handled on a large scale. These smart technologies include wireless communications, car navigation, traffic signal regulation, and more. Through a federal grant, we are working on:  

  • Connected Freight - Using connected vehicle technology that allows trucks to communicate with our traffic signals, we can reduce the impact delivery and freight trucks have in local communities, increase safety, improve delivery time reliability, and provide cost savings to participating cargo companies. 

  • Connected Fleet - By deploying connected vehicle technology to city vehicles in a small geographic area, we can better understand how this communication can improve resident commuting experiences, upgrade our traffic management system, and provide better data to citizens. 

  • Connected Citizens - Testing automated pedestrian detection and notification technology will allow pedestrian “walk” signs to be extended if someone, such as a young child or a sight-impaired individual, needs a little more time to cross the street.