IOT Platform & Data Management

Enterprise Data Management Graphic Denver’s data management system is being constructed to support Denver Smart City portfolios and projects. Built for integration and interoperability, the platform compiles real-time data on transportation, environmental health, weather, and freight among other data sets. This drives smarter decision-making, emphasizing safety and security. Denver is building a data hub, which is the foundation for a holistic approach to gathering, interpreting, and acting on data from across the city. Our system takes data from thousands of different sensors to provide real-time data to city employees. Data comes from resources like the traffic management center, police, bus, rail, road sensors, street lights, weather sensors, and universities. This equips Denver to improve the access and utilization of city services. 

Benefits of Denver's Enterprise Data Management System

One Platform for Multiple Sources of Data

Our EDM system includes a map-based dashboard that incorporates data, such as air quality, traffic congestion, public safety, public health concerns, and more in real-time. The various pieces of information are consolidated into a single dashboard where information can easily be obtained and disseminated.


Historical Trends

With such a vast amount of data, Denver will be able to look at data trends, helping to inform city planning decisions in the future.

Actionable Intelligence

Denver is building algorithms into our software to provide actionable intelligence we can use to make decisions and provide city services where they have the largest impact and are most needed. This early-stage machine learning and AI will revolutionize the way we deliver services to our customers.