Contracting Opportunities

Infrastructure is the backbone of Denver’s economy

Construction projects stimulate the economy up and down the supply chain and provide opportunities for a variety of workers and industries:

RISE Denver Go Bond Direct, Indirect, and Induced Jobs infographic

  • Direct jobs refer to the number of jobs that actually work the construction site.
  • Indirect jobs refer to the number of jobs that support the construction and typically work upstream or downstream of the actual construction.
  • Induced Jobs refer to the number of jobs that benefit from the project (Example: A hospitality industry worker receives a job due to the lodging required for construction workers.)

RISE Denver GO Bond Jobs Metrics infographic

$1 million of investment in projects creates approximately 13 jobs for the City of Denver, with “jobs” referring to the number of positions that will be created by the construction program.

RISE Denver will create jobs and wages for workers through its programs:

  • The Facilities program will create 1,800+ jobs and $116,000,000+ in wages for workers
  • The Housing and Sheltering program will create 400+ jobs and $26+ million in wages for workers
  • The Transportation and Mobility program will create 800+ jobs and $58+ million in wages for workers
  • The Parks and Recreation program will create 900+ jobs and  $54+ million in wages for workers

RISE Denver’s Commitment to Workforce and the Community

The RISE Denver Bond Program is committed to advancing the City’s vision for increasing opportunities for Small Business Enterprises (SBE) and Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE). RISE Denver wants to make sure all local businesses succeed. Working closely with the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity’s (DEDO) Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) and Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), RISE Denver works to strengthen our small business community by encouraging certified businesses to pursue work on bond projects.

Careers in Construction

The RISE Denver Bond Program is committed to ensuring Denver residents — particularly those in underserved areas and from underrepresented backgrounds — benefit from the unprecedented investments being made in Denver’s infrastructure. RISE Denver partners with the Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) Workforce Services and remains committed to working closely with the City to ensure bond projects have workforce development goals and opportunities.

RISE Denver is a key project partner with the Denver Construction Careers Pilot (DCCP), a product of DEDO. The DCCP helps identify, recruit, train and support a strong pipeline of construction professionals to work on select public projects and meet the industry workforce demands of our growing city. RISE Denver also partners with WORKNOW, a collaborative employment platform to provide a pathway to construction careers.

We invite vendors and contractors to learn about business opportunities with RISE Denver.

Current Opportunities