Program Overview

Thanks to voters, the RISE Denver Bond Program will drive economic recovery by creating thousands of jobs, investing in local businesses, and bringing critical infrastructure and community assets to historically underserved areas of the city. Through four different categories of infrastructure projects, RISE Denver will serve our most vulnerable residents and unhoused neighbors, increase mobility and safety in our neighborhoods and accessibility within city facilities, and preserve Denver’s history and culture through building restorations. 

10-Year $260 Million Investment and more than 80 projects!


Our Vision

Elevating Denver toward a vibrant tomorrow that’s rich with environmental, economic, and community vitality. 

Our Mission

Achieve the Vision by delivering projects consistent with community expectations utilizing engaging, transparent, sustainable, and cost-effective approaches.

Program Highlights

View the full list of RISE Denver Bond Program projects and the projects in the first debt issuance to learn about the ways RISE Denver will stem economic improvement, enhance community assets and improve our city.

Denver Facilities

Investing in Denver facilities to ensure institutions remain accessible for generations.

Through structural and exterior improvements, RISE Denver aims to create jobs and stimulate economic recovery by making city buildings more accessible to residents and city staff through numerous ADA improvements.

RISE Denver will provide entrepreneurial, vocational and educational opportunities through improvements to the Youth Empowerment Center and the construction of new libraries in historically underserved communities, including the Globeville Branch Library, Westwood Branch library and an expansion of the Hampden Branch Library.

The renovation of the May Bonfils Stanton theater at Loretto Heights will provide Southwest Denver with its first performing and creative arts space in five years. The theater will serve a rapidly growing and predominantly Hispanic community that has had significant involvement in the visioning phase of the Loretto Heights development.

Improvements made possible by RISE Denver at some of Denver’s treasured cultural institutions, including the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature & Science will improve safety and accessibility for all while decreasing their environmental impact and making them sustainable into the future.

Economic Impact: 1,800+ jobs, $116,000,000+ in wages for workers, and $250,000,000+ in economic impact for Denver.

Housing and Shelter

Continuing efforts to address the homelessness crisis in Denver.

RISE Denver will dedicate funds for the city to acquire the 48th Avenue homeless shelter, which currently serves 600 guests. Bringing it under city control will ensure the shelter remains a robust, 24/7 refuge for people experiencing homelessness.

The bond program will continue to build Denver’s capacity to serve unhoused residents into the future through funding the acquisition of 300 hotel and motel rooms, prioritizing more accessible forms of housing. Funds will also be allocated to close gaps in the shelter system through implementing needed improvements to existing shelters.

Economic Impact: 400+ jobs, $26+ million in wages for workers, and $60 million in economic impact for Denver.


Improving and expanding our transportation infrastructure while being environmentally conscious and with safety cornerstone to outcomes.

Denver Vision Zero is a City program that aims eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030, and RISE Denver will fund needed safety improvements to achieve this goal. Improvements include reconstructing Morrison Road, implementing multi-modal improvements along Peoria Street and constructing sidewalks to close the 300 miles of sidewalk gaps across the city.

The 5280 Loop is an innovative urban trail that will connect Denver residents and visitors to outdoor urban spaces and increase space and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

RISE Denver will also fund transportation and safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists across the city, increasing their ease of access, comfort and connections to transit. These improvements will happen in conjunction with neighborhood priorities to ensure improvements meet the unique needs of every community.

Economic Impact: Create 800+ jobs, $54+ million in wages and $122+ million in economic impact for the city of Denver.

Parks and Recreation

Ensuring access to high-quality parks and recreation spaces throughout the City.

To help meet the goal of all residents living within a 10-minute walk of a park, RISE Denver will fund the construction of the University Hills and 47th & Walden parks.

In response to community input received, the Mestizo-Curtis Park Pool will undergo necessary repairs to keep the oldest community pool in Denver in use for years to come.

The historic Sloan’s Lake Boathouse will be transformed into a 6,000 square foot community and event space connected to the marina at Sloan’s Lake.

Courts, fields and playgrounds across the city provide critical outdoor recreational opportunities and will be updated and constructed using RISE Denver funds focusing on traditionally under-served communities.

Economic Impact: Create 900+ jobs, $60+ million in wages and $115+ million in economic impact.

Program Overview Map

RISE Program Overview Map showing all districts

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