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The RISE Denver GO Bond package includes more than 80 distinct infrastructure projects in all areas of Denver with a focus on equity and economic opportunity, from existing infrastructure improvements and maintenance to building new parks and libraries and implementing critical ADA improvements.

Check out real-time status on projects through an interactive dashboard!

Check out the real-time status on projects through an interactive map!


Denver Facilities

ADA Improvements in City Facilities (Department of Justice mandated)

This project will facilitate the design and construction of ADA improvements throughout City facilities, including the Denver Performing Arts Complex and Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre. 

Bonfils Complex Deferred Maintenance

With a focus on the Jones Theatre, this project delivers necessary fire and safety improvements to areas at the Bonfils Complex that have yet to be renovated. Improvements include fire suppression and sprinkler system modifications. 

Buell Theater Backstage Renovation

This project will renovate at least 18 restrooms, dressing rooms and other backstage areas in the back of house space at the Buell Theatre, addressing multiple ADA deficiency findings and bringing new life into a space that has been unchanged since opening in 1991. 

Denver Botanic Gardens Deferred Maintenance

This project will provide funding for deferred maintenance at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Updates include a redesign of gardens for accessibility, improved pathways, multiple roof repairs and waterway improvements to aid in water conservation and sustainability. 

Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance projects are critical to ensure DMNS provides a safe environment for guests, volunteers, staff and collections. As a continuation of previous deferred maintenance projects at the museum, this project will remove asbestos, repair and replace aged HVAC equipment, update life safety systems and expand emergency lighting in the oldest sections of the building. 

Globeville Branch Library Construction

Created with input from the Globeville neighborhood and adopted In 2015, the Globeville Neighborhood Plan identifies a need for library service in the Globeville neighborhood. A 2017 Facilities Master Plan developed by Denver Public Library further identified Globeville as a neighborhood needing library service. This project will design and build an accessible, modern facility in Globeville. The new library will be a vibrant, active, educational and cultural community center offering valuable resources and services for the neighborhood. 

Hampden Branch Library Expansion

Since its original construction in 1975 and renovation in 2010, the Hampden Branch Library  has seen significant growth and demand in computer use, programming, resources and staff growth. This project will address these capacity challenges and add an additional 4,000 square feet to the library, allowing for community spaces for programming and meetings, public computing, additional collection, an expanded maker space and dedicated teen area. 

May Bonfils Stanton Theater at Loretto Heights Campus Renovation

Since the closing of the Loretto Theater in 2016, the southwest area of Denver has lacked reasonable access to cultural or performing arts venues. This project will renovate and rehabilitate the Theater at the Loretto Heights Campus by addressing major systems and finishes beyond their useful life and adding a parking structure to the facility. 

Westwood Branch Library Construction

At 900-square-feet, the Westwood Branch Library is the smallest library in the Denver Public Library system, located in a neighborhood identified as needing additional library services in the Denver Public Library’s 2017 Facilities Master Plan. The existing space lacks room for community gatherings, learning and programming and limits the circulating collection. The lack of space also restricts the number of public access computers, internet service and types of programs offered. This project will construct a new library that will be a co-created space with other neighborhood organizations providing the community a unique, collective impact model focusing on services to immigrants, refugees and early learning support for youth. 

Youth Empowerment Center Improvements

Youth and community-based organizations in the Valverde neighborhood have voiced a need to connect young people between the ages of 12 - 24 to a network of services ranging from educational and vocational support, entrepreneurial training, recreation activities and mental health support. Other cities have implemented Youth Centers as a youth violence prevention strategy that addresses multiple risk factors at nearly every level of the social-ecological framework. This project will fulfill this need by constructing improvements to a current City-owned building, repurposing it as a youth center offering a full spectrum of support services to youth and families. 

Denver Zoo Deferred Maintenance

The Denver Zoo Deferred Maintenance program will focus on key pathway and campus-wide lighting improvements to improve safety, accessibility and remove existing hazards along walkways. 

Housing and Shelter

48th Avenue Shelter Purchase

This project provides funding for the City to acquire the shelter at 4600 E 48th Avenue that serves up to 600 guests. Transitioning the site to City ownership will provide capital and operating cost efficiencies and ensure the City maintains a robust, 24/7 campus to meet the ongoing and increasing needs of the unhoused. 

Shelter Facility Acquisition and Improvements

The pandemic drew into focus gaps in Denver’s shelter system, specifically people with health concerns, couples and families, people who identify as transgender, and pet owners who experienced barriers in accessing traditional congregate shelter. This project will fund the acquisition, conversion, and construction of 300 rooms at locations throughout Denver, focusing on hotel/motels for non-congregate shelter and housing for those who need it. 


5280 Trail Development

This project will support the development of a two-block segment of the 5280 Trail on Acoma from 10th to 12th Avenues. It will connect and provide safe travel between neighborhood destinations and open spaces. This development will also provide a central green space for recreation, relaxation and community events. 

Bike Infrastructure Implementation

To continue the City’s buildout of a comprehensive bike network, new or enhanced bike infrastructure projects will be delivered through the continuation of the Community Transportation Networks strategy. This will allow for focused community involvement, more coordinated project design and bundling of larger levels of construction. Two Community Transportation Networks of enhanced bike infrastructure will be designed and built in the Globeville Elyria-Swansea community, and other central and southern neighborhoods. 

Morrison Road Reconstruction

Morrison Road serves as the predominant commercial corridor for the Westwood neighborhood. However, due to its auto-focused design, the corridor has struggled to serve as a destination and connection for neighborhood residents and employees. Improvements have been made along the corridor in recent years, and this project will complete the vision established by the community by constructing the final segment from Stuart to Sheridan. The project will also improve safety by rebuilding the sidewalks with pedestrian lighting, establishing a dedicated space for amenities, and improving drainage. 

Neighborhood Transportation Safety and Pedestrian Improvements

Denver's streets should be safe for everyone. A package of projects will be implemented to create safe routes to school and deliver the City’s commitment to Vision Zero. With project selection rooted in equity and safety needs, these improvements aim to reduce vehicle speeds, improve comfort and accessibility for people walking and bicycling, improve connection to transit, improve safety and connectivity within and between neighborhoods, and support neighborhood priorities. 

Peoria Multimodal Improvements

This project constructs pedestrian and bicycle facilities on Peoria Street from 37th Avenue to 56th Avenue. It will improve access to the Peoria Commuter Rail Station, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and residential, commercial and industrial properties along Peoria Street. 

Sidewalk Construction

The Sidewalk Construction Program aims to address essential missing links in Denver’s sidewalk network to help people get where they want to go safely and with ease. With more than 300 miles of sidewalk gaps in the City, those prioritized for construction are locations providing access to transit, schools, grocery stores, parks and along high-injury corridors. This project constructs missing sidewalks within three parks and in three neighborhoods with connectivity to the Vision Zero High Injury Network and parks. 

Parks and Recreation

47th and Walden Park Construction (Phase 1)

The new park at 47th & Walden is a 13-acre parcel of undeveloped land located in the Gateway-Green Valley Ranch neighborhood. This project includes design and construction of the first phase of park improvements, and construction of a playground, water feature, irrigation, walks, native landscaping and turf. 

Community Park Playground Replacements

Community-level playgrounds provide diverse play experiences to residents beyond the neighborhoods adjacent to them. Many well-used community playgrounds have a backlog of deferred maintenance and need attention to remain safe and welcoming. This project replaces four community-level playgrounds at Harvey Park, Huston Lake Park, Dailey Park and Crestmoor Park. 

Mestizo-Curtis Pool Reconstruction

Mestizo-Curtis Pool is a popular outdoor aquatic facility located in Denver’s oldest park, providing access to swimming and recreation for thousands in a high-need neighborhood in the heart of the city. The pool is past the end of its useful life and requires a replacement to ensure it can continue to serve the community for years to come. This project will provide a new facility that includes a lap pool, leisure pool/play features, a bathhouse and restroom building. 

Outdoor Recreation Athletic Field and Court Replacements

Tennis courts, basketball courts and baseball fields have seen heavier-than-normal use during the COVID-19 pandemic and have an extensive backlog of repair and improvement needs. This project supports basketball and tennis court replacements, and baseball field rehabilitation at 12 parks to maintain a safe opportunity for exercise and engagement in meaningful social activities regardless of income level. 

Park Maintenance Facilities Construction

Proper facilities are critical for maintaining the city’s parks, open spaces and recreation facilities. This project will design and build two new facilities in the areas of greatest need, the Northeast and Northwest Operations Districts. Each facility will follow the new design standard and Net Zero Energy standards that Denver Parks and Recreation is pioneering for the city. Building these facilities will improve working conditions for all Park Operations staff, enabling them to take care of the city’s valuable assets. 

Restroom Facilities Improvements and Construction

Community-sized parks are heavily used by people from all over the city who require a safe, clean and private restroom facility to ensure and maintain healthy use of parks. This project provides this necessary component through the design and construction of plumbed restroom facilities in Argo Park, Kennedy Soccer Complex, and Huston Lake Park. It also converts restroom facilities in Commons Park and Montbello Central Park to year-round, all-season functionality. 

Sloans Lake Boat House Renovation

The historic 6,000 square foot Sloan’s Lake Boathouse will be redeveloped to anchor the Sloan’s Lake Marina. Currently operating as headquarters for the Northwest Park Maintenance District, the building will be completely remodeled to accommodate community events and public programs. The new space will integrate into the recently redeveloped jetty and marina to provide full public access to the historic site. 

University Hills Park Construction

In the City’s quest to ensure all Denver residents are within a 10-minute walk or roll of a quality park, the University Hills neighborhood was identified as lacking in nearby park facilities. This project will support design and construction of a park in this neighborhood, ensuring equity in park access for southeast Denver. 

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