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The National Western Center is a new take on a legendary Colorado space – a future place where heritage of the Old West meets progress of the New West, a space where school children can cultivate food systems while researchers discover food security solutions that will change the world.

Within the future 250-acre National Western Center Campus, people and experiences converge to create a year-round destination that is just as much for the cowboy as for the urbanite. At an intersection of agriculture, education, and entertainment, global thought leaders meet curious students and join local community in a convergence of diverse perspectives and common cultural identity.

Founding partners the City & County of Denver, Colorado State University, Western Stock Show Association, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and History Colorado have worked with surrounding community members, civic leaders, and nonprofits to envision a place that honors and fosters the cultural contributions of the historic Western activities on the site, and enhances the campus to a destination of inspiration and impact. The National Western Stock Show has been a global attraction on the site for more than a century, and the expanded facilities will prepare for the next 100 years of the signature Denver event, and bring diverse programming in water, health, environment, and energy to the site year round.

Join the journey to turn the National Western Center vision into a reality, and discover the West – a place where heritage meets horizon.

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About the National Western Center

Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement:

Be the global destination for agricultural heritage and innovation.

Mission Statement:

To convene the world at the National Western Center to lead, inspire, create, educate, and entertain in pursuit of global food solutions.

Guiding Principles:

  • Community & Neighborhood Integration
  • Engage the River & Nature
  • Celebrate Western Heritage
  • Inspire Health & Wellness
  • Build Cultural Crossroads
  • Be Pioneering: Break Trail & Foster Innovation
  • Create Fun and Entertaining Experiences
  • Grow Local, Regional, and Global Intelligence
  • Embrace an Ethic of Regeneration

National Western Center Framework Agreement

Master Plan

The National Western Center partners and the CAC began its planning process in 2014. Through a public involvement process, a master plan was created and adopted by Denver City Council in March 2015. The master plan is a guide to the vision of this future site.

Our Partners

Founding Partners
The National Western Center is proud of its founding partners’ commitment to advancing the mission of the NWC. These organizations engaged through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2014. The partners have helped shape the future of the site into an exciting year-round destination.

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Partner Information

Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

The National Western Center Citizens Advisory Committee was convened in 2013 by the Western Stock Show Association to provide an opportunity for the community to learn about, have meaningful input on, and be a major participant in the development of the proposed National Western Center, and provide input and feedback throughout the implementation of the master plan (PDF). Among other responsibilities, the Citizens Advisory Committee:

  • Provides input regarding projects and issues related to the development of the National Western Center
  • Assists in communicating elements of the National Western Center project to the residents and stakeholders in the Globeville, Elyria, Swansea (GES) neighborhoods
  • Advises the National Western Center regarding the needs and desires of the GES neighborhoods in relation to the National Western Center project
  • Identifies potential opportunities and concerns and helps find workable solutions that address the needs of the community at large
  • Promotes transparency and communication between the partners, the city and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Works to ensure that the National Western Center build-out meaningfully benefits the adjacent communities in the short and long terms

For Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and other support documentation, visit the National Western Center site.

For Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and other support documentation prior to 2021, visit