RISE Denver: From Rescue to Recovery

Rebuilding for an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy (RISE) is Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s plan to move our economy from the rescue to the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan focuses on the economy, our unhoused and unsheltered neighbors, and overall community safety.

As businesses reopen, jobs are created, employees return to places of work, and residents make efforts to return to normal life, the City and County of Denver is moving forward with an ambitious and intentional plan for getting our economy moving again with a focus on workers and businesses, and with equity at the forefront of all our work.

A Commitment to Equity

The disruptions to the economy have not affected everyone equally and our commitment to equity is that we will provide relief for those businesses, workers, and communities that have been hit the hardest and create an economy that works for everyone.

Denver will not only make investments in public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges and buildings, but also on changes that help ensure equity in workforce training and jobs for the future. The city intends to build back better from this recession in a way that benefits all residents. 

Strategic Priorities

Bring back and enhance lost jobs. Create jobs.

We will connect jobseekers to the training and supports needed for careers in industries where there is growth in Denver. This will help bolster our most under-resourced populations in their ability to build generational wealth.

Strengthen small business and nonprofit growth and resiliency

We will strengthen small business and nonprofit growth and resiliency. Nurturing entrepreneurship and small business creation is key to overcome economic downturn. We will be intentional as we provide support to small business owners and to nonprofits offering vital services to our community.

Revitalize Denver's neighborhoods through targeted community support

We will re-energize our neighborhoods through events, arts, and cultural activities. We plan to increase direct support to residents as we have done throughout the pandemic.

Make it easier to do business with the City

We will make it easier to do business with the city. We are identifying policies and other regulations that create barriers for small business and residents, with the goal to make our processes and programs more accessible.

Accelerate public investment

We will make public investments that create jobs, encourage private sector investment, provide opportunities for our minority and woman owned businesses, build a talented workforce, and activate a physical environment to position Denver companies for success.

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