About Denver Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a transportation safety philosophy that was developed in Sweden in the late 1990s to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries in the transportation system. Sweden has reduced traffic fatalities by half, making it one of the safest places in the world.

Vision Zero recognizes that humans make mistakes, and therefore the transportation system should be designed to minimize the consequences of those errors. The city began laying the groundwork for its Vision Zero initiative in 2015, and during his 2017 State of the City address, Mayor Hancock announced the city’s commitment to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and serious injuries on Denver’s roadways by 2030. The Action Plan is a five-year approach that sets the City and its partners on a clear path to achieving this goal.

Read the Vision Zero Action Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Denver developed the plan in coordination with dozens of city agencies and partners, including the Denver Vision Zero Coalition, Colorado DOT, Denver Health & Hospital Authority, DRCOG, RTD, Denver Public Schools, Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, AAA Colorado and the Mayor’s pedestrian and bicycle advisory committees. It focuses on five key goals:

  • Process & Collaboration
  • Safe Streets
  • Safe Speeds
  • Culture of Safety
  • Data & Transparency