Fingerprinting and Background Checks

No In-House Fingerprinting. Please note: Excise and Licenses will not be providing in-house fingerprinting services for our licenses listed below, under the fees section, until further notice. Please review the fingerprinting companies listed below. You can physically go to them to be fingerprinted. If there is not a location convenient for you, the companies also have the ability to process your hard-copy fingerprint card obtained from a local police department of your choosing. Follow the directions on each website to send them your fingerprint card for processing.

Please read Fees Section for licenses that require Fingerprints. Excise & Licenses only fingerprints in our office for the licenses listed below under the Fees section. (Our in-office fingerprinting service is currently suspended until further notice.)

Fingerprinting Agencies


Colorado Fingerprinting

If you are applying for a license that requires fingerprints as part of your application and would like to use Colorado Fingerprinting to either process your fingerprint card or to be physically fingerprinted, please follow the instructions below. Send an email to requesting our CBI Unique ID to be used during your registration process. Your email request must include the following information:


If you are applying for a license that requires fingerprints as part of your application and would like to use IdentoGO to be fingerprinted and or to process your hard-copy fingerprint card, please follow the directions below.  

Send an email to requesting our Service Code and Account Number to be used during your pre-enrollment process. Your email request must include the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Type of License applied for (i.e. Liquor, lodging, see list below under Fees)
  • Business File Number (i.e. YYYY-BFN-0001234) or address and name of establishment your fingerprint reports will be associated with.

You are required to register (pre-enroll) on IdentoGO's website.

  • Click on IdentoGO 
  • Enter the service code provided for the license you are applying for. Click go and follow the directions that come after.      
  • At the end of pre-enrollment, you will be instructed to print and sign a confirmation page that also requires your birth date, phone number or email address.

Please email a copy of the completed confirmation/signature form to before including the form with your fingerprint card and sending to IdentoGO or before going to IdentoGO for physical fingerprinting.



Background Checks

You may use the computers in our lobby to obtain your $5.00 Colorado Bureau of Investigation background check. You must have a debit or credit card.

Private Security Employers/Security Guards

Excise & Licenses does not fingerprint for these license types. These license types require a FBI Background Check report to be uploaded to your online application. You may go to the FBI website to pick the option that best fits your needs to obtain that FBI Background Check.


Fingerprints taken in our office are $38.50 for liquor applicants. IdentoGO/Colorado Fingerprinting charges $48.50 for the extra steps involved. Fingerprints taken for liquor purposes are valid for a period of 60 days.

Fees:  $16.50 -  Auctioneer, Amusement Facility, Body Artist Establishment, Body Art Vehicle - Mobile, Dance Hall, Dance Public, Escort Service Company, Exotic Dancer, Ice Cream Vendor, Lodging Facility, Pawnbroker, Peddler Sponsor, Social Clubs (All 3 classes), Vehicle Immobilization Service, Valet Operator

IdentoGO/Colorado Fingerprinting will charge $26.50 if you mail your hard copy fingerprint card for license types other than liquor

Fees for several individuals may be included together when coming into our office for fingerprinting services. 

Checks should be made payable to the Manager of Finance.