Renew an RNO

All registered neighborhood organizations are required to re-register each year between December 1 and January 31. Groups that do not re-register by January 31 will be removed from the city's list of registered neighborhoods in February, as required by ordinance. 

Eligibility Requirements

Organizations must comply with the regulations contained in Chapter 12, Article III: Neighborhood Registration Ordinance of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. These regulations require the following:

  • The organization will be open to any owner of any real property or resident located within the neighborhood boundaries of the proposed organization.
  • The organization will be a general purpose group formed for the purpose of collectively addressing issues and interests common to the neighborhood as defined by the self-prescribed boundaries.
  • The organization will assign a contact person who can be notified by phone, e-mail and mail of upcoming events affecting our neighborhood.
  • The organization will hold a meeting at which all members may vote at least once in each calendar year and at least 12 members must be in attendance at the annual meeting.
  • All meetings shall be open to the public, and notice of all meetings shall be posted publicly, in advance.