Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan


About the Plan

Capital funding is vital to a thriving city. Denver uses capital funding to maintain and repair or to build and acquire new capital assets.

Denver's capital asset portfolio generally falls into six categories (not including Denver International Airport):

  • Buildings (Libraries, Fire and Police Stations, etc.)
  • Transportation (Roads, Bridges, Bike Lanes, Sidewalks, Curb Ramps, Alleys, Signs and Signals, etc.)
  • Parks and Recreation (Parkland, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Trails, Recreation Centers, etc.)
  • Waterways (Open Channels, Pipes, Manholes, Storm Inlets, etc.)
  • Environment (Charging Stations, etc.)
  • Public Art

The Capital Improvement Program develops a Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), manages the annual budget process for citywide capital investments, and provides analysis for decision-making and strategic capital planning efforts.

What is the Six-Year Plan?

The city's charter mandates a six-year capital planning process. The Six-Year CIP is the foundation of the Capital Improvement Program and includes projects from across the city. It documents a prioritized list of capital project needs and serves as an important tool to effectively prioritize the city's limited capital funding resources. It is based on input from the community and is updated every two years to respond to the changing demands of the city.

Elevate Beyond 2020: Denver's Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan for 2020-2025

The current Six-year Plan: Elevate Beyond 2020 covers years 2020-2025. It is meant to build on the work of the previous plan, which served as the foundation for the Elevate Denver Bond. Initiated in Spring 2019, nearly 1,000 people participated in the development of Beyond Elevate 2020: Denver's 2020-2025 Six-Year CIP. Through digital engagement, online and in-person surveys, and five town halls, the public confirmed the importance of many unfunded projects from the previous Six-Year CIP and identified new projects of significance to the community. All public outreach materials are available here through this site under "Related Content". 

Elevate Beyond 2020 will help guide investments as the city recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The list of projects was reviewed by the Mayor, city departments and agencies, and City Council. It was also prioritized with the goals identified in the Comprehensive Plan 2040. The resulting nearly $4 billion in major rehabilitation and new capital infrastructure projects will exceed the capital funding available within the three, six, and twelve year time horizons, and demonstrates the community's considerable interest in maintaining and constructing public buildings, transportation systems, parks and recreation facilities, waterways, public art, and sustainability efforts.

Elevate Beyond 2020: Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan for 2020-2025(PDF, 2MB)

Three year project list 

Six-year project list

12 year project list