Right of Way Survey

The Survey Section of Right of Way Services furnishes Land Survey expertise to the City & County of Denver as well as review of private and city development projects.

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Survey Guidelines, Requirements, GIS Tools

Addressing and Land Use

Addressing and Land Use

Requirements on obtaining address assignment cards and the address request form:

Addressing permits are now available to apply and pay online.

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Register for an account, add your contractor's license, check permit status and pay fees online. Report any issues to pwpermits@denvergov.org

Addressing Accuracy

The City and County of Denver is beginning to use directional designations when referring to addresses in the north and east sides of the city and is encouraging residents and property owners to do the same. See more at denvergov.org/bestaddress

Easement Relinquishments

Easement Relinquishment (PDF) — for the process of relieving a parcel of land of a specific easement

Street and Alley Vacations

Public Works Policy Statement (PDF - 2006)

Street and Alley Vacations - to be taken from this public system and returned to a private property status.

Process Requirements

Street and alley vacation process requirements (PDF)

More information about vacating the right of way

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