Engineering and Construction Specifications

Construction & Development


Developments and Projects over 1 acre require:

Standard Construction Specifications

Construction Specifications - March 2016

Wastewater_Capital_Projects_Standard_Construction_Specifications.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Summary of revisions (PDF - March 2016)

Waste Hauler License Requirement

All solid waste haulers who collect and haul waste, recyclables, organics, junk, construction/ demolition/ deconstruction debris, and bulky materials within the City and County of Denver must obtain a waste hauler license, per DRMC Section 48.

Notice of License Requirement (PDF)

Additional Documentation


Erosion Control Criteria

Denver's Erosion Control Guide for formatting and minimum plan design criteria, standards and requirements used to regulate stormwater plan preparation, permitting, field implementation, and enforcement of the City and County of Denver (Denver or City) Stormwater Criteria for Construction Activities. 

NOTE: Formally titled Erosion Control Permits

Underground Utility Information

The UNCC (Utility Notification Center of Colorado) is the designated organization that manages all types of ground excavation in the State of Colorado.  The main goal of this organization is to prevent human injuries and damages to underground utilities due to digging. 811 is the new federally mandated number that you should call, if you wish to start a digging project. The Denver Wastewater Management Division (WMD) is a Tier II member of the UNCC. This means that we manage and provide sanitary and storm sewer line and utility locating services for the City and County of Denver. As such, we handle around 12,000 Blue Stake requests (official name for locates requests) per year.

Denver WMD Underground Utility Section

Our Underground Utility Investigation office is managed and supervised by the Wastewater Construction section. You can place a locate request by calling 303-446-3744. You can also email us at for regular locates/blue stake requests.

We do not take regular orders after hours, on the weekends, or on holidays.

Regular Working hours:
Monday through Friday
6:30AM to 3:00PM

Emergency Locates:
Do NOT Send Emails for Emergency Cases!
For after-hours, weekend, and holiday emergency wastewater sewer line locates, please call us directly at 303-446-3400. For all other utility markings, please call 811.

Do not dig before you have utility markings

To prevent loss of life, human injuries, and utility damages, WMD encourages you to call 811 in order to receive a locate service for any digs. When calling the UNCC, you will be asked to contact us in order to get Denver sewer lines and utilities marked, if such utilities exist in your dig area.

Important Notes: In case of damaging our utilities while digging, please contact us immediately at (303) 446-3400. You will also need to call 811 and file a damage report with the UNCC. In response, we will send an investigator over to your dig area to evaluate the situation and give you further instruction within an hour of notification.

Please be advised that there may be sewer lines and utilities in your dig area that are not owned by the City and County of Denver. WMD is not responsible for locating these assets. Some examples of these types of assets are service line connectors, private sewers and Metro sewer lines.