After Fire Resources

Service Organizations 

American Red Cross

Transportation, lodging, clothing, groceries, meal vouchers, possible rent assistance.


Salvation Army

Transportation, lodging, clothing, groceries, meal vouchers, possible rent assistance.


Center for Trauma & Resilience FKA Center for Crime Victims

Utility Companies

Xcel Energy

Electric: 1-800-895-1999


Residential Customer Service: 1-800-895-4999

Business Solution Center: 1-800-481-4700

TDD/TTY: 1-800-895-4949


Denver Water

Emergency Service: 303-628-6390

Regular hours: 303-893-2444

After hours: 303-628-6801


Century Link

Phone Repair or transfer of phone numbers:1-800-573-1311

Spanish services: 1-800-564-1121

TDD/TTY: 1-800-223-3131


Government Offices 

Denver Coroner's Office


Medical Examiner


Bureau of Vital Statistics

Social Security Office

Victim Compensation

Medical bills, counseling, time lost from work


Victim Assistance

Denver Building Department