System Down Reporting and Firewatch

System Down Reporting and Firewatch

Any time a fire alarm or sprinkler system is compromised you must notify Denver Fire Department, through the System Down Reporting Website. If a system is down for longer than 10 hours, a Firewatch Permit is required. Please read all of the information below related to this process. 

Step 1.Click on System Down Reporting Website

Click on the System Down Reporting Website and enter all required information.

Step 2.Inform System Monitoring Company

Inform your system monitoring company that the system is down. If an AES (American Electronic Services) box is applicable - report the system offline and contact the DFD Non-Emergency Dispatch line at 720-913-2491 and inform them that the system is down. 

Step 3.Fire Prevention Contact and Firewatch Permit Required

Firewatch is required after the system has been down for 10 hours. After 10 hours, you are required to initiate a Firewatch Permit. Please note: A fire water line interruption of any type, for any length of time requires a Firewatch Permit to be initiated immediately. Please review the Firewatch Permit Application Guide prior to applying. Once a Firewatch Permit has been obtained, you will no longer need to continue daily reporting to the System Down website. 


Step 4.Obtain Firewatch Permit 

Firewatch Permits can be initiated once approval is obtained from a Fire Prevention Officer, please apply via E-Permits - Accela Citizen Access

Step 5.Maintain Firewatch Logs

Per the Denver Fire Code, records of all system installations, inspections, tests and maintenance (including all firewatch logs) shall be maintained on the premises. Records shall be completed on National Fire Protection Association forms and/or forms provided by the Denver Fire Department. Firewatch Logs for the required 30 minute walks of the impacted areas must be kept on the premises and be made available for Denver Fire Department personnel when requested.