Data & Reports

Human Rights & Community Partnerships uses data, research, and reports to better inform policy decisions and to share information with residents. Check out our neighborhood profiles, GIS maps, and annual reports here.

Neighborhood Profiles

Below are neighborhood demographic profiles for Denver's 78 neighborhoods (Source: American Community Survey 2013-2017 Five Year Estimates). 

The profiles include demographic information on gender, race/ethnicity, immigrants, languages spoken, age, disability, economics (i.e.) median gross rent, poverty level, and median household income), and education.

These maps were created to help government, nonprofit, and business organizations outreach more efficiently and effectively to Denver's different neighborhoods.

Athmar Park(PDF, 313KB) Congress Park(PDF, 306KB) Kennedy(PDF, 319KB) Speer(PDF, 319KB)
Auraria(PDF, 311KB) Cory Merrill(PDF, 321KB) Lincoln Park(PDF, 336KB) Sun Valley(PDF, 318KB)
Baker(PDF, 321KB) Country Club(PDF, 321KB) Lowry Field(PDF, 324KB) Sunnyside(PDF, 329KB)
Barnum(PDF, 319KB) Denver International Airport(PDF, 319KB) Mar Lee(PDF, 327KB) Union Station(PDF, 323KB)
Barnum West(PDF, 323KB) East Colfax(PDF, 329KB) Marston(PDF, 326KB) University(PDF, 320KB)
Bear Valley(PDF, 340KB) Elyria Swansea(PDF, 317KB) Montbello(PDF, 323KB) University Hills(PDF, 335KB)
Belcaro(PDF, 325KB) Five Points(PDF, 338KB) Montclair(PDF, 318KB) University Park(PDF, 330KB)
Berkeley(PDF, 315KB) Fort Logan(PDF, 323KB) North Capitol Hill(PDF, 315KB) Valverde(PDF, 324KB)
Capitol Hill(PDF, 327KB) Gateway-Green Valley Ranch(PDF, 340KB) North Park Hill(PDF, 334KB) Villa Park(PDF, 318KB)
Central Business District(PDF, 327KB) Globeville(PDF, 320KB) Northeast Park Hill(PDF, 341KB) Virginia Village(PDF, 334KB)
Central Park(PDF, 322KB) Goldsmith(PDF, 332KB) Overland(PDF, 330KB) Washington Park(PDF, 314KB)
Chaffee Park(PDF, 329KB) Hale(PDF, 335KB) Platt Park(PDF, 318KB) Washington Park West(PDF, 322KB)
Cheesman Park(PDF, 319KB) Hampden(PDF, 339KB) Regis(PDF, 336KB) Washington-Virginia Vale(PDF, 337KB)
Cherry Creek(PDF, 332KB) Hampden South(PDF, 335KB) Rosedale(PDF, 324KB) Wellshire(PDF, 321KB)
City Park(PDF, 314KB) Harvey Park(PDF, 336KB) Ruby Hill(PDF, 325KB) West Colfax(PDF, 326KB)
City Park West(PDF, 322KB) Harvey Park South(PDF, 348KB) Skyland(PDF, 332KB) West Highland(PDF, 309KB)
Civic Center(PDF, 319KB) Highland(PDF, 322KB) Sloan Lake(PDF, 324KB) Westwood(PDF, 322KB)
Clayton(PDF, 331KB) Hilltop(PDF, 323KB) South Park Hill(PDF, 319KB) Whittier(PDF, 323KB)
Cole(PDF, 320KB) Indian Creek(PDF, 331KB) Southmoor Park(PDF, 319KB) Windsor(PDF, 339KB)
College View-South Platte(PDF, 316KB) Jefferson Park(PDF, 325KB)


GIS Maps

Below are demographic maps by by percentage by neighborhood. (Source: 2014-2018 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates). This information was created to assist government, nonprofit, and business organizations in outreaching to Denver's various demogrpahic groups. 


Older Adults 

Living With a Disability

 American Indian or Alaska Native(PDF, 444KB)  60 and Older(PDF, 457KB)  Living With a Disability(PDF, 460KB)
 Asian American (PDF, 447KB)  60-64(PDF, 454KB)  Ambulatory Disability(PDF, 455KB)
 Black(PDF, 439KB)  65-74(PDF, 447KB)  Cognitive Disability(PDF, 455KB)
 Hispanic or Latino(PDF, 453KB)  75-84(PDF, 444KB)  Hearing Disability(PDF, 454KB)
 Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander(PDF, 423KB)  85 and Older(PDF, 434KB)  Independent Living Disability(PDF, 460KB)
 White(PDF, 465KB)    Self Care Disability(PDF, 446KB)
     Vision Disability(PDF, 447KB)


Foreign Born/Language



 Foreign Born(PDF, 450KB)  Living Below Poverty Level(PDF, 451KB)   Less Than 9th Grade(PDF, 447KB)
 Speak a Language Other Than English at Home(PDF, 460KB)  Median Household Income(PDF, 484KB)  9th to 12th Grade(PDF, 621KB) 
 Speak English Less Than Very Well(PDF, 449KB)  Homeowners (PDF, 470KB)  High School Graduate or Equivalent(PDF, 460KB)
 Speak Asian or Pacific Island Languages(PDF, 448KB)  Renters(PDF, 462KB)  Associate's Degree(PDF, 458KB)
 Speak Indo-European Languages(PDF, 444KB)  Median Gross Rent(PDF, 470KB)  Some College, No Degree(PDF, 473KB)
 Speak Spanish Languages(PDF, 449KB)  Median Home Value(PDF, 488KB)  Bachelor's Degree(PDF, 466KB)
     Graduate or Professional Degree(PDF, 460KB)