Mayor Hancock celebrates inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President

Published on January 20, 2021

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States and the history-making swearing-in of Kamala Harris as Vice President.

“President Biden’s agenda is an agenda the American people can trust in to move our country forward through the pain and anger of not only this pandemic and economic hardship, but the past four years. And the President’s plan for recovery is an important milestone for Denver’s recovery, which is the priority for our administration. We will have real national leadership to combat COVID-19, with bold action to provide relief, keep people safe and distribute vaccines. We will have real national leadership to rebuild our economy fairly, with equity and opportunity for more people and families. We will have real national leadership to promote social justice to affect positive change and dismantle the systemic challenges that hold communities of color back from prosperity. We will have leadership once again on the most pressing issues of our time – positive progress on immigration reform, addressing climate change, regaining our standing on the international stage, and much more.   

“This is also an historic inauguration, with many firsts achieved by Kamala Harris in becoming our next Vice President. Her journey to this position has been an inspiration to so many, and this will be a moment long remembered.    

“After the events on the last few weeks, this inauguration was the display of unity we need right now, and a new beginning for all of us. We may have our differences, but we are all Americans, and what we can achieve when working together toward a common goal is one of our greatest strengths as a people.”


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