Unemployment Insurance

Welcome to the Unemployment Compensation section of the Office of Human Resources.  Human Resources is the centralized location for processing and responding to the State of Colorado for Unemployment Claims on behalf of the City and County of Denver.

About Unemployment

Unemployment is a temporary income to help workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.
In Colorado, no deductions are made from workers’ wages to finance unemployment insurance; it is paid entirely by the employers who are covered by the Colorado Employment Security Act (CESA).

How to apply for unemployment:
Call the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Customer Service at (303) 318-9000 (Denver-metro area) or (800) 388-5515 (Outside Denver-metro area), or visit https://www.coworkforce.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file my claim?
File a claim by calling the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (303) 318-9000 or file online at www.CoWorkforce.com.

When am I eligible for benefits?
You must be separated from employment and there is a two week waiting period if eligible.

How long will it take before I get my first check?
It can take four to five weeks to complete the processing of your claim for unemployment insurance benefits. 

What if I have questions or want to know the status of my unemployment claim?
Call the Customer Service (303) 318-9000, Denver-metro area or (800) 388-5515 (outside Denver-metro area).