Special Events

Dancers at the annual Cinco De Mayo Festival

Start here when planning a public event to be held on public property in Denver.

Find everything you need to know to hold a public event on public property in the City and County of Denver. Public property includes parks, streets, sidewalks and alleys.

Once you have reviewed the information below that applies to your event, begin an online application or contact our office at denverevents@denvergov.org for more information.

Begin or Update a Special Event Application
Insurance and Community Notification Requirements

Community Notifications

Event notifications are required and a critical step in managing a successful event. They are even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thoughtful and thorough notifications can help reassure impacted communities that you are taking the necessary steps to create a safe and compliant event and can help educate potential attendees of their personal responsibilities to help safeguard other attendees, vendors and staff. Follow the steps below in preparing and distributing your notifications and contact Jill Lis at jill.lis@denvergov.org with any questions.

1. Create a notification flyer that includes:

  • “IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Upcoming Event in Your Neighborhood” text featured prominently at the top of the document

  • An event-specific variation of the following:

    The XYZ Event prioritizes public health and safety and will follow state and local guidelines to ensure that the event is safe for staff, attendees and the surrounding community. We ask everyone staffing or attending the event to:

  • Stay home if you feel ill

  • Face coverings are not required, but are encouraged!

  • Follow entrance and exit paths and physical distancing signage/markings

  • Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer often, at the stations provided

Event details (i.e., dates, times and location, set-up dates and times, road closures, parking restrictions/accommodations, site and/or route map, organizer contact email and phone number.


Use the Word version of the SAMPLE NOTIFICATION to create your own(DOCX, 50KB).

2. Upload the pdf of the final notification flyer to Step 5 of your special event application. Add notes about your notification plan and include distribution details. OSE staff will review and approve or provide feedback/suggested changes to incorporate before distributing.

3. Distribute the approved notification flyer 45 days (or asap) before the event and then again, one week before the event.

4. Hand-deliver notification flyers to impacted residences, businesses and community centers (e.g., churches, schools, etc.) while wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate physical distancing by placing the flyers in mail boxes and near doors/front entrances when possible.

5. Distribute the notification flyer by email to the following. Include a request that recipients share the information with their communities by posting it in common areas and also via newsletters, websites, social media, Next Door and word-of-mouth. Copy Jill Lis at jill.lis@denvergov.org on all notification emails.

  • City Council offices that represent the impacted district(s). Find the City Council district map and contact information: www.denvergov.org/citycouncil.

  • Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO’s) AND Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) – lists and contact information can be found at www.denvergov.org/RNO. Some RNOs and BIDs are continuing to meet virtually at this time. As time and opportunities permit, offer to participate in these meetings to share event details, answer questions and address concerns.

Thank you for your careful attention to the event notification process.


Department-Specific Information

Denver Fire Department - tents, fuel generators, heating, flames, parade floats

Denver Fire Department Website

Denver Fire Department Permit Application

Denver Fire Department Permit Application Instructions(PDF, 3MB)

Permit Fee Table

Inspection Fee Schedule

Joseph Florez
Phone: 720-913-3464
Email: joe.florez@denvergov.org

Steven Holtz
Phone: 720-913-3448


Denver Police Department - runs/walks, parades, off-duty officers

Denver Police Department Website

Denver Police Department, Special Events Unit Requirements(PDF, 112KB)

Special Events Unit
Parades, Runs, Races, Walks, Rides
Phone: 720-337-1030
Email: dpdspecialevents-dpd@denvergov.org

Office of Secondary Employment
Analisa Ortiz
Phone: 720-337-0775
Email: analisa.ortiz@denvergov.org


Development Services - stages, structures, electrical generators

Developmental Services Website

Electrical and Generators
Carol Pafford
Phone: 720-865-2827
Email: carol.pafford@denvergov.org

Stages and Building Department
Street Schellhase or Keith Ostrander
Phone: 720-865-2930 or 720-913-1651
Email: street.schellhase@denvergov.org, or Keith.ostrander@denvergov.org

Phone: 720-865-3000
Email: zoningreview@denvergov.org


Excise and License - retail food licenses, liquor licenses and security licenses

Excise and License Website

State of Colorado Links:

Special Events Liquor Permit information can be found here

Colorado's Special Event Permit Information can be found here 

Special Event Liquor Licenses
Phone: Dial 311 (or 720-913-1311 if outside Denver)
Email: 311@denvergov.org


Office of Emergency Management - emergency action plans

Parks and Recreation - park permits

Transportation and Infrastructure - street, sidewalk and lane closures, parking meters

Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI) Permits Website

Right-of-Way Requests
Phone: 720-913-0896
Email: transportationtmc@denvergov.org

Meter Requests *questions only*- all applications must be made online
Phone: 303-446-3759
Email: pwpermits@denvergov.org


IMPORTANT NOTE: Handbills are illegal in the City & County of Denver. Unauthorized posters, notices, ads or flyers may be removed. Follow all required regulations for banners or temporary signs; learn more at www.denvergov.org/pwpermits.