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Picnic sites are ideal for family occasions, corporate picnics and community gatherings. Permits are required to reserve a site for exclusive use. 

At this time, picnic site reservations are taken online only. For details on fees, picnic site capacities, restroom access and more, please download and review the picnic site inventory list(PDF, 176KB)Review picnic site closure list.

(PDF, 107KB)

COVID-19 Updates:

As the COVID-19 virus remains in our community, it is important to understand that information and guidelines around gatherings and special requirements may change at any time and can impact permits. Existing permit holders will be notified as soon as possible with any changes that impact their permit.  

Other COVID-19 Information:

  • Permit holders may cancel due to COVID-19 at any time for a full refund
  • Permit holders may reschedule due to COVID-19 at any time
  • Permit holders will be contacted as soon as possible if State and City Orders affect the status of park and facility permits
  • Parking lot and road closures have been implemented in several parks to allow more room for physical distancing; view additional operational updates for more details about potential impacts

Denver Days 2021

July 31 - August 8, 2021

Permits for Denver Days events are provided free-of-charge to those holding a picnic or public event, both of which must be free and open to the public. Denver Days Picnics and Public Events must abide by all park rules and regulations.


Denver Days Picnic Reservations are accepted up to 24 hours before the picnic is to occur, however, requests are not processed on Saturdays or Sundays. Reservations requests for Saturday and Sunday must be made by Friday at 12:00 p.m. by email or phone.

Details on each picnic site can be found on the inventory list(PDF, 176KB). Site capacities must not be exceeded. Picnics cannot have stages, large sound systems, bands, food trucks, alcohol (for sale or service) and other similar features. Picnic attendees may consume their own beer, wine or champagne. Picnic activities must stay within boundaries indicated on the inventory list(PDF, 176KB) (click park name to open map). 

Picnic reservation requests are accepted by:

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name of picnic and description (i.e. Neighborhood BBQ)
  • Event date and estimated time of arrival
  • Number of attendees (please do not exceed the capacity of the picnic site)
  • Organization or customer name
  • Address, phone number and email
  • Park and picnic site number(PDF, 176KB)


Public Events:

Denver Days Public Event applications are accepted up to 30 days before the event is to occur, by email only. 

Please download and complete the permit application(PDF, 1006KB), and send to park.permits@denvergov.org

Permit approval typically requires the following items:

  • Certificate of insurance (or acknowledgement of waiver)
  • Site map and trash plan
  • Park walk-through
  • Appropriate arrangements  for portable toilets (highly recommended), and
  • Payment of any hard costs (such as electricity on site).

More details will be provided once your application is received. Please allow 24 hours for processing.

Learn more about public event permits.



Seasonal Availability

Urban Park Picnic Sites
Dates available: April 15 – October 15
Daily hours available: 5:00am - 11:00pm

Mountain Park Picnic Sites
Dates available: May 1 – September 30
Daily hours available: 9:00am - 8:00pm
View special notes on mountain park picnic permits below.

Important permit notes:

Online Reservations

Please follow the picnic site reservation instructions while submitting an reservation request: Download the instructions(PDF, 767KB)

To ensure you’re reserving a picnic site that meets your group’s needs, please review the picnic site inventory list and site maps(PDF, 176KB), along with this season's picnic site closures.(PDF, 107KB)

Check out the Find-a-Park tool to find park maps and picnic site locations.

Advance Reservation Requirements

Urban Parks
All urban park picnic sites require reservations to be made at least 24 hours in advance, with the EXCEPTION of Ruby Hill picnic sites 2, 3 and 4 which must be reserved at least 72 hours in advance. 

Mountain Parks
Reservation requirements as follows:

  • 24 hours: Corwina, Morrison, O’Fallon and Red Rocks Parks
  • 48 hours: Bergen, Dedisse, Fillius, Lookout Mountain Parks
  • 72 hours: Daniels, Echo Lake, Genesee, Newton Parks

After your reservation request has been submitted and payment made, an email notification will be sent to you, indicating your request is either:

  • Approved: Please have your permit available to you at all times during your picnic and review park rules and regulations (available on your permit). Permit change requests can be made by contacting the Parks Permit Office. Please reference your permit number (ex: R12345) when calling or emailing.
  • Denied/Cancelled: Please contact the Parks Permit Office to be refunded

Please be sure to follow the instructions for making a picnic site reservation online(PDF, 767KB) and email park.permits@denvergov.org with further questions.


Mountain Park Permit Information


Denver’s mountain parks are outside of city limits. Please review the notes below which are applicable to all picnic permits in mountain parks.

Picnic Season: May 1 – September 30; 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Holiday Closures:
Genesee Park, Lookout Mountain Park, and O’Fallon Park are unavailable for permitting on May 31 (Memorial Day), July 4 (Independence Day), and September 6 (Labor Day)

Fire Bans and Restrictions: 
Fire restrictions are in effect. Only gas grills are currently allowed; no open fires or charcoal grills. If enacted, additional Stage 1 fire restrictions may restrict all open flames and use of gas grills. Find more details on current fire bans and restrictions in mountain parks from Jefferson County.

  • No fires or charcoal grills
  • No fires in shelter fireplaces
  • No ground fires
  • Only gas grills with an on/off switch or shut off may be used

Parking is limited at many picnic sites and is only allowed in designated areas. Please ensure there is sufficient parking at your picnic site for your group size. Surrounding meadows cannot be used as overflow parking.

Affixing decor or other items to trees or structures is prohibited.

Picnic Site Access:

Entry gates will be opened or lock combinations provided. Call Mountain Park Staff for information: 720-865-0900.

Download the full Mountain Parks Picnic Site Information sheet.(PDF, 118KB)

For additional questions about picnic sites in Denver Mountain Parks, please call 720-865-0900. 

Cancelation Policy

Permit change requests can be made by contacting the Parks Permit Office. Please reference your permit number (ex: R12345) when calling or emailing.

Permit holders may cancel due to COVID-19 at any time for a full refund.

Contact the Parks Permit Office by phone: 720-913-0700 (press 6 to leave a message) or email: Park.Permits@denvergov.org.


Picnic Permit Checklist

Do Don't
 Use grills 12+ inches off the ground Food trucks prohibited
 Use small bluetooth speaker No bands or large sound systems
Have attendees bring their own beer, wine or champagne Alcohol sale or service prohibited; no glass or kegs
 Use up to two 10' x 10' pop-up tents No event infrastructure allowed
 Follow all park rules Inflatables strictly prohibited
 Stay within picnic site boundary Don't exceed your picnic site's capacity