Waste Hauler Licensing

2021 Program Summary

Attention haulers! As of 2021, the City and County of Denver’s waste hauler license application for new and renewing licenses is a fully online process. The web portal is now open. Please see instructions to apply below. Renewing licenses will have until March 10th to apply. ***  

As of 2016, all solid waste haulers who collect and haul waste, recyclables, organics, junk, construction/demolition/deconstruction debris, and bulky materials within the City & County of Denver must obtain a waste hauler license. 

The City and County of Denver’s Solid Waste Hauler License Program (Municipal Code: Sec 48-61 Article V Chapter 48) creates a fair operating environment for all solid waste haulers, guarantees minimum collection safety requirements, and attains basic solid waste disposal and recycling data for the commercial sector in Denver. 

New haulers to the City and County of Denver can apply for their waste hauler license anytime during the year, but please note that all licenses will expire on January 31st each year regardless of your initial application date. 

In 2021, haulers will have until March 10th to renew their license due to the new application process. Penalization fees will be reinstated on this date for late applications. 

Expectations of Waste Haulers

  • Sign vehicles and containers. All containers and vehicles operating within the City must be labeled with company name and phone number. This information must be displayed on the left and right door of each vehicle and on the street-facing or alley-facing side of each container. Signage letters must be at least 3 inches tall.
  • Retain solid waste receipts. Haulers shall maintain receipts, for a minimum of one year, from all solid waste disposal sites and management facilities where collected materials are deposited.
  • Become licensed. Solid waste haulers must keep a copy of their license in each vehicle and at the address listed on the hauler’s license application to be presented upon request. Companies will need to reapply for their waste hauler license by January 31st each year (March 10th for 2021).
  • Report tonnage quarterly. (Starting in 2021) Haulers must report tonnage hauled quarterly for 2021. Tonnage can be reported any time during the year, but must be completed prior to renewing next year’s license.  

The private companies listed below provide collection and hauling service within the City & County of Denver and are currently licensed by the City & County of Denver. 

Current Licensed Haulers

List of Licensed Haulers

DBA Phone Number
1-800-GOT-JUNK? Denver (720) 744-9900
5281 Waste Solutions LLC (720) 884-0300
Adams Roll Off (303) 425-4606
Allied Waste Services (303) 286-1200
Alpine Waste & Recycling GFL (720) 819-4024
Bensons Rolloff Services LLC (303) 650-6312
Best Cleaner Disposal, Inc. (303) 659-3779
Big Ass Junk Removal (303) 218-5830
Bin There Dump That Denver South (720) 851-7888
Bin There Dump That Denver West / Central (720) 524-3727
Blue Bear Waste Sevices LLC (720) 500-5282
Blue Star Recyclers (719) 597-6119
Box Brother Roll Off Services (303) 465-2100
Brooks Grease Service (918) 836-1772
CEI (303) 562-2000
Clutter Trucker (720) 839-9554
College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving (785) 324-1183
Colorado Cleanup Corporation (303) 841-3881
Curbside Roll-Off (303) 343-7096
Daily Roll Off Services LLC (720) 276-3724
Data-Destruction (303) 388-3282
Duran Excavating, Inc. (970) 351-0192
E.T. Technologies, Inc. (303) 680-9414
Elite Roll-Off Services (303) 287-7800
Expert Disposal (303) 814-1804
GE Johnson Logistics (719) 437-9484
Gone for Good (303) 736-2387
Gorilla Demolition. LLC (303) 697-1325
Hauling Material (303) 668-4189
Home Builders Services (720) 547-8600
Iron Woman Construction & Environmental Services LLC (303) 399-5534
JBS Pipleline Contractos (303) 289-4354
Jostes Trucking (303) 349-6459
Junk Be Gone LLC (303) 918-3383
Junk Genius (303) 788-3380
Junk King of Denver (720) 878-2757
Junk Nation LLC (303) 304-9386
Keene Concrete, Inc. (303) 227-1901
Kinetic Hydrovac (720) 552-1221
Lenrot Trucking LLC (303) 408-1620
Lumin8 Transportation Technologies, LLC (303) 442-7985
McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc (303) 772-4577
Mile High Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc (303) 460-1001
Next Use Recycling and Composting (303) 736-9419
Performance Roll Off Systems, Inc. (303) 955-6828
Ralph Martinez Trucking, Inc. (303) 288-8788
Redbox Plus of Denver Metro South (720) 878-8870
Reliable Roll-Off Waste Systems Inc. (720) 708-3131
Rockies Cleanouts (303) 484-1191
Sam's Mini Roll-Off Dumpsters (303) 984-7200
Sam's Trash Removal (303) 985-2300
Silva Construction Inc (720) 550-8175
Sustainable Junk Removal (720) 740-7200
T2GR (720) 538-7685
The Junk Trunk Inc (303) 815-0467
The Junkluggers of Colorado (720) 297-5995
Total Disposal LLC (303) 659-3333
Vigils Concrete and Roll Off (303) 618-5060
Waste Connections (720) 382-7868
Waste Management of Colorado, Inc. (210) 632-8213
Wilderness Construction Co (303) 286-9200
Yellowbox Disposal Co (720) 493-5569



Hauler License Application

  • To become a licensed solid waste hauler within the City & County of Denver, the information below must be provided (all haulers will apply as new in 2021): 
  • Quarterly Tonnage Data (new as of 2021) total quarterly quantities of waste collected (categorized by tons landfilled/recycled/composted, etc.), facility used 
  • Company contact information. Provide your company’s primary contact information and type of ownership. 
  • Safety information. Verify your U.S. Department of Transportation information 
  • Operations & Data. Provide vehicle description information, types of services provided, collection methods.  
  • Affidavit of True and Accurate Information: Your application must be authorized by a representative of your company. By completing the application, you are verifying that all vehicles are compliant with applicable local, state, and federal safety and inspections requirements; have required minimum insurance coverage; and all vehicles are properly licensed. 
  • Other Documents: Certificate of insurance that meets the required liability/automobile coverage per U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. For new applicants only: copy of a state ID and signed copy of Statement of lawful presence. 
  • Certificate of insurance example can be found here(PDF, 103KB).

Download the How to Apply for a License Instructions(PDF, 2MB) document for the most comprehensive information. 

Hauling License FAQs

Why does the City need a Waste Hauler License Program?

  1. To ensure safe conditions on City streets and in City neighborhoods
  2. To obtain data on how much waste is generated & diverted within the City of Denver

What does the Waste License Program do?

The Waste Hauler License Program creates a fair operating environment for all haulers by ensuring all haulers follow minimum collection safety requirements. The program will also allow the City of Denver to obtain basic data to determine trash and diversion rates city-wide.

Who does the waste hauler license apply to?

Haulers of waste, recyclables, organics, junk, construction debris, demolition debris, deconstruction debris, and bulky materials must register for a waste hauler license with the City Denver.

How do I apply?

Starting in 2021, applications must be submitted through our new self-service web portal. Follow the How to Apply for a License Instructions under the “Helpful Documents” section on the right-hand side of the screen.  

  1. First create a tonnage report if you haven’t already. 
  2. Report tonnage.
  3. Apply or renew your application here.


Can I collect and haul solid waste without a license?

It is unlawful for any person to collect or transport solid waste from within the City and County of Denver without a waste hauler license.

What are the reporting requirements?

For any license after 2021, haulers are required to report annual tonnage data by quarter. If a hauler does not report by quarter they will not be able to renew their license.  

Use the optional “Hauler Tonnage Tracking Tool” to organize your annual tonnage data for your personal records.  

How often do haulers need to renew their license?

Solid waste haulers will need to renew their license each calendar year.

What is the fee for a waste hauler license?

Your total annual license fee will consist of a $25 application fee plus a company fee based on the number of vehicles your company owns. The company fee structure is outlined below:

  • 1 - 2 vehicles - $100
  • 3 - 9 vehicles - $300
  • 10 - 20 vehicles - $600
  • 21 and more vehicles - $1,200

What methods of payment are accepted by the Department of Excise and Licenses?

Licenses must be purchased through the self-service web portal by credit card.

Who enforces this ordinance?

The Director of Excise and Licenses will have the authority to issue fines, suspensions, or initiate show-cause hearings that could lead to license revocation for failure to comply with any of the restrictions set forth in ordinance, or if the licensee violates any other local or state law.

Can a license be suspended or revoked?

Yes. After an investigation and hearing, the Director of Excise and Licenses may suspend, revoke, or fine any licensee for a violation of the rule.

How will I receive my license?

After your application is approved, the Department of Excise and Licenses will email you your license. See E&L webpage.

I collect waste outside of the City and County of Denver limits, but I drive through Denver. Do I need a license?

Per Sec 48-61 Article V, you do not need a license. The licensing requirement is for haulers that collect solid waste within the City and County of Denver.

I made a mistake on my tonnage report, how do I fix it?

Email DenverRecycles@denvergov.org with details on the error or call 311 or 720-913-1311 for assistance.  

My company uses a third-party hauler carrier. Do they need to be licensed?

Yes, any company that is hauling solid waste from the City & County of Denver with motorized vehicles must have a waste hauler license. In this case, tonnage data should only be reported once to prevent double-counting.