Technology Services

 Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) Requests

Technology Services is an agency of the City and County of Denver and will make public records available in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”), Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-201, et seq. 

Technology Services follows the City and County of Denver’s CORA Fee Policy

A formal Colorado Open Records Act request is NOT necessary for most records requests. Requests made under the Colorado Open Records Act must be made in writing and must include the following. 

  • Requestor’s full name, address and telephone number.
  • As detailed a description of the records requested as is reasonably possible.
  • A statement that the request is made pursuant to the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-201, et seq.

If you are unable to provide a request in writing due to a disability, please contact the Denver Office for Disability Rights for assistance.
TTY: (720) 913-8475
Fax: (720) 913-8470

Staff will attempt to provide records in the form in which they are used by Technology Services. Generally, staff will not manipulate data to generate a record in another form.

Requests for records held by other city departments, such as Denver Public Works, will be declined and customers will be referred to the department(s) believed to be custodians of the records.

Please direct requests to