State Offices

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Heidi Ganahl (R)
Danny Moore

Jared Polis (D)
Dianne Primavera (D)

Paul Fiorino (Unity Party)
Cynthia Munhos de Aquino Sirianni

Danielle Neuschwanger (American Constitution Party)
Darryl Gibbs

Kevin Ruskusky (L)
Michele Poague

Secretary of State

Pam Anderson (R)

Jena Griswold (D)

Gary Swing (Unity Party)

Jan Kok (Approval Voting Party)

Amanda Campbell (American Constitution Party)

Bennett Rutledge (L)


State Treasurer

Dave Young  (Incumbent) (D)

Lang Sias  (R)

Anthony Delgado (Libertarian Party)


Attorney General

John Kellner (R)

Phil Weiser (D)

William Robinson (L)


State Board of Education Member

Member – At-Large

  • Kathy Plomer  (Democratic Party)
  • Dan Maloit  (Republican Party)
  • Ryan Van Gundy  (Libertarian Party)
  • Eric Bodenstab  (Unity Party)

Member –District 6

  • Molly Lamar  (Republican Party)
  • Rebecca McClellan  (Incumbent) (Democratic Party)

Regent of the University of Colorado

Congressional District 1

  • Amy Naes (R)
  • Wanda L. James (D)

State Senator

District 32

  • Robert Rodriguez (D)
  • Dean Flanders (R)

District 34

  • Julie Gonzales (D)

State Representative

District 1

  • Guillermo Diaz (R)
  • Javier Mabrey (D)
  • Kyle Furey (Libertarian Party)

District 2

  • Steven Woodrow (D)
  • Stephanie Wheeler (R)
  • Justin Savoy (Libertarian Party)

District 3

  • Marla Fernandez (R)
  • Meg Froelich (D)
  • Clayton Casciato (Libertarian Party)

District 4

  • Jack Daus (R)
  • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez (D)

District 5

  • Johnnie Johnson (R)
  • Alex Valdez (D)
  • Troy Brekke (Unity Party)

District 6

  • Elisabeth Epps (D)
  • Donald Howell (R)

District 7

  • Jennifer Bacon (D)

District 8

  • Hilleary Waters (R)
  • Leslie Herod (D)

District 9

  • Emily Sirota (D)
  • Tom Cowhick (R)

Regional Transportation District Director

District B

Write-in options only

District C

Write-in options only

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