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Brad Revare

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Brad Revare is a proud dad, husband, attorney-by-training, and community leader in District 8. He's running because you shouldn't need to be a millionaire to live comfortably in Denver, and it's not fair that it is becoming that way. Brad is running to make Denver a fairer place for those getting pushed out, like young people who want to start families in District 8 and seniors on fixed incomes. He got his start in District 8 volunteering for then-State Senator Mike Johnston running his Citizen Policy Committees out of his Park Hill community office to ensure constituents, not special interests, helped create policy. Inspired by that experience, Brad quit his day job and enrolled in law school, where after graduating, worked for Attorney General Phil Weiser. Since then, Brad has used the experience of listening to community to inform his work helping launch Denver's youth apprenticeship system and writing policy to incentivize business to invest in local youth by hiring them for internships and apprenticeships. Brad, his wife, and their two girls live in the Central Park neighborhood where Brad serves on several neighborhood and district advisory committees related to serving the community. Brad will listen and learn from community, and then lead in District 8.

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Shontel M. Lewis

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I am running for Denver City Council District 8 because I believe the Health of our city is the Wealth of Our City. Too frequently, we measure the progress of our city in dollars when we should be prioritizing our social determinants of health — affordable housing, healthy and affordable food, quality health care, education and job training, community based resources, frequent and effective transit, and a flourishing culture. As your next City Councillor, I am committing myself towards making District 8 the healthiest District to live in in the City and County of Denver, while improving both individual and community health outcomes across the entire city.

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