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Candi CdeBaca

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Candi is a first generation high school graduate of Manual High School and eventually DU and 5th generation native of D9. She was raised by a single mom in poverty. She is a social worker by training, a community organizer and a policy expert. She’s the 1st Colorado elected official from Swansea. Her vision for her role is to re-center the voices of people who are typically silenced or ignored. She believes that housing should be a human right, food should be a utility, utilities should be municipalized and the entire economy needs to be re-imagined in a way that halts the exploitation of land, labor and resources for profit. She values co-governance, transparency, courage and collective liberation. Candi has dedicated her life to serving and activating her community in a range of different ways as the founder and co-founder of several D9 organizations. She hopes to earn your support to continue in her current role on Denver City Council.

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