Clerk & Recorder Candidates


February 23, 2023


Paul D. López

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It's been my honor to serve Denver as the Clerk and Recorder.

It’s been the most challenging time to be a clerk and recorder, but also the most critical. Our democracy is under attack, and we must defend it but with our ballots and full participation. Under the most difficult of circumstances in a global pandemic and the attack on our democracy and voting rights we have

  • Continued to defend our democracy and Denver’s accessible, fair and secure elections while nearly doubling the number of ballot drop boxes in Denver.
  • Launched our first ever civic engagement program with community partners and neighborhoods to increase voter participation and engagement in every part of Denver 
  • I am committed to protecting love an marriage equality for all of Denver’s lovebirds.
  • As the Public Trustee, I continue to ensure public oversight and transparency over the foreclosure process empowering residents with information on an often intimidating process
  • Improved access to digitized records dating back to the 1800’s so that millions of Denver's public records are now just a click away 
  • Overhauled and modernized Denver’s campaign finance system and launched Searchlight Denver making it easier to use and for the public to track the money spent in Denver elections, lobbying and other transactions.

Denver is the vanguard of democracy, and together, we can make Denver the best place to live, and vote, in the country. History will not take a single step backward in Denver. 

My whole life I've worked block by block to improve our city and empower our residents every part of Denver. I am still honored and proud to continue to defend our democracy on of the people.

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