Mayoral Candidates


March 2, 2023


Below is the list of Mayoral Candidates for the City and County of Denver in the 2023 Municipal General Election, in order as they appear on the ballot:

Trinidad Rodriguez

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I was born and raised in west Denver by a single mom. It was a community rich in love though money was tight. Growing up, we confronted the effects of housing insecurity, addiction, violence, and mental health struggles.

Like many Denverites, this city helped my mom and me through tough times, and I wanted to pay it forward. That's why I've spent the last 25 years volunteering and in my finance career working with local nonprofits and civic groups, securing funding for schools, health clinics and affordable housing communities. That sets me apart from the other candidates.

Denver is facing significant challenges including homelessness, public safety, and affordability, but I won't stop fighting because I believe in this city. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. It’s time for my vision to build a city where every Denverite, regardless of their neighborhood, can achieve their version of success.

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Terrance Roberts

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Terrance Roberts is running for Mayor to create a public bank to fund housing for all. When poverty is finally off of our streets we our police can work to protect our communities instead of being occupied by crimes of desperation. Terrance will further democratize our city by reducing the term of the Mayor, reducing the number of mayoral appointments, and introducing a ranked choice voting system.

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Kwame Spearman (Withdrawn)

This candidate submitted a Candidate Withdrawal Form to the Denver Elections Division on March 17, 2023. Any vote cast for this candidate will result in an undervote for that race. Visit the candidate and initiative tracker to get more information on the current status of candidates in the 2023 Municipal Election.

Renate Behrens

More info coming soon!

Chris Hansen

Visit Chris Hansen's Campaign Website

State Senator Chris Hansen is an engineer with public and private sector experience who has been delivering results for Denver in the legislature for seven years. He knows we need to build a city that works, which means a safer, more affordable, and greener Denver. As Mayor, Chris will prioritize public safety and will recruit, retain, and highly-train public safety officers so we have a Department that is accountable and works for everyone. Chris will audit the homelessness programs and ensure we're investing in programs that show results and cutting ones that don't. Chris will enforce the camping ban because we need to get folks into housing with wrap-around services, like substance use and mental health treatment, as well as job training, in order to help the unhoused get back on their feet. As Mayor, Chris will also help Denver make the transition to clean energy by electrifying city buildings and fleets, adding EV charging infrastructure, and reducing transportation emissions. He envisions Denver as a connected, dynamic, thriving city and he has the skill set to help Denver become a city that works. 

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Mike Johnston

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Mike Johnston has spent his life solving Denver’s hardest problems. He spent his 20s working as a teacher and school principal and turned around a struggling high school, making it the first public high school in Colorado history where 100% of seniors graduated and earned acceptance into 4 year colleges. In his 30s, he served as State Senator for Northeast Denver in order to make sure all of his students had access to college, becoming the first to get bipartisan support and pass Colorado’s version of the DREAM act. He took on the NRA twice—and won. He then spent his 40s as the CEO of a philanthropic organization where he led a campaign to pass universal preschool statewide, protect billions of dollars of funding for public schools by repealing the Gallagher Amendment, and in 2022 built a coalition of more than 260 businesses and community leaders to pass Proposition 123. He is running for Mayor to continue his work of bringing broad coalitions together to fix Denver’s toughest problems, from ending homelessness to making housing more affordable to improving public safety, in order to make Denver a vibrant, safe, and affordable city for everyone.

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Andy Rougeot

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I’m running to fight for Denver’s future. As Mayor, I will enforce the camping ban, add 400 more police officers, and eliminate city regulations that are blocking affordable housing for Denverites.

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Leslie Herod

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Hi, I’m State Representative Leslie Herod and I’m running to be your next Mayor of Denver because Denver is Ready. Denver is ready to put results over politics and we’re ready for a change for the better.

All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. It doesn’t matter who you love, your national origin, your income, your ability, or your race. We ALL belong in this country. Denver is stronger because of our differences.

This is who I am. This is what I’ve fought for. I was raised by a single mom in the armed forces. When she needed help raising me, two amazing folks stepped in: a law enforcement officer and a woman who was a boss in her own right. These are my parents. This is my family. It sounds complicated but it’s not, just like many of the issues that face us. It’s going to take all of us to tackle Denver's toughest problems. Denver is family. Families may have differences, but families come together, especially in tough times.

For too long, this city has been run by powerful interests that don’t put people first. I’m running for Mayor because I will put people over politics and get real results for our city. I’ve done the work. I led the way in passing landmark legislation reforming public safety, opened doors for middle-income housing so our teachers, nurses, baristas, and new families can build a home, and I’m bringing everyone to the table in my plan to end homelessness by putting the people first – I’m prepared to lead Denver forward.

Together, we can change Denver, for the better. Vote Leslie Herod for Mayor before or on April 4th.

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Robert Treta

More info coming soon!

Deborah "Debbie" Ortega

Visit Deborah "Debbie" Ortega's Campaign Website

Denver needs to chart a new course: challenges with attainable housing, community safety and homelessness have set us back. As the only candidate with four decades of commitment to public service, I am uniquely equipped to solve our issues.

Under my leadership as Mayor, Denver will become an affordable, safe, and prosperous city, with a thriving downtown and an equitable transportation system that closes gaps in connectivity. Housing will be attainable across all price points and income will not be a barrier to calling Denver home.

I’ve given my life to this city and am wholeheartedly committed to its future. I understand its inner-workings and am ready to hit the ground running with real solutions to create the kind of city we deserve.

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Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba (Write-In Candidate)

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I know most of you are coming across an unknown person. A person you certainly have never heard about.

I am Dr. Abass Yaya Bamba. I have a funny first, middle, and last name. I speak English with a different accent than the majority of you. I look different than the majority of the societal demographic. I worship Allah as a Muslim. I migrated from the country of Ivory Coast (Africa) to the United States of America in year 1997.

After a brief time spent in New York, I moved to Denver Colorado. I have since been part of the fabric of this city and the state. I am running for the office of mayor because I have the bottom-line understanding of issues of the city is facing.

I know the life of a security guard, I was one.

I know the life of a bus driver, I was one.

I know the life of cab driver, I was one.

I know the life of a homeless man, I have been one.

I know those difficulties homebuilders, developers, and community builders are facing to obtain a basic construction permit or a certificate of occupancy.

I am one of you. We will fight hand-in-hand to make this city, the most welcome community more than any other city in this nation.

As your Mayor, my first action will be to put a price cap on rents, foods, and reduce property tax in order to end this horror of mostly unjustified rising living cost for the majority.

As a Mayor, I will tirelessly work to fund the economy development program for entrepreneurs for the benefit of all ethnical groups of our community.

As a Mayor, I will make our community safe to raise a family and enjoy a clean environment.

As a Mayor, I will tirelessly work to improve the quality of the city customer services for every sector of our administration with the goal to reach the stellar rating of five stars citizens’ satisfaction. 

Voting for me is like voting for yourself and the future of your family.

I am the people candidate, I am a write-in candidate. We will make history.