Manual Collection Service

Manual trash collection service is provided on a scheduled collection day once per week. Manual service customers are responsible for providing their own personal containers and trash bags. Manual service customers are located in areas where automated collection equipment cannot operate safely due to narrow alleys, or other service obstacles.

Manual Service Guidelines

  • Set your trash out for collection by 7 AM on your collection day, but no earlier than 7 PM the night before.
  • Allow 4 feet of clearance on all sides of your trash. Obstructions such as cars, fences, poles, LIP items or other collection containers may prevent collection from occurring.
  • Set your trash as close to the curb or flowline of the alley as possible.
  • Containers or bags must be no larger than 32 gallons in size and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Containers or bags exceeding 32 gallons or 50 pounds cannot be collected.  Up to 10 bags or containers (32-gallons or less) or a combination of both, may be set out each collection.
  • Help protect trash collectors by not putting dangerous liquids or sharp objects in your trash. Bag all of your trash in heavy-duty bags.
  • Broken glass or broken porcelain pieces should be properly secured and not left loose in personal containers or in bags.
  • Do not overfill individual containers or bags and please double bag pet waste.
  • Remember to return your trash containers to your property on non-collection days and set out of public view.

Setting out Branches and Yard Waste

  • Tie loose branches in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds. No branches may exceed 4 inches in diameter.  A maximum of ten branches bundles per household will be collected per week.
  • Leaves and yard clippings must be in bags or containers and weigh no more than 50 pounds each when full. Learn when and where you can take leaves to be recycled with LeafDrop.