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Bike sharing is a new way of getting around: Instead of having to own and maintain your own bike, for a small fee you can use one of the shared bikes when you need it. Pick up a bike at any bike sharing station and drop it off when you’re done.

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Register your bike online to assist the Denver Police Department with recovery of your bike should it get lost or stolen. Bike registration can also assist in the successful identification of injured cyclists. You can register your bicycle using Denver PD's Online Bicycle Registration.

If your bike has been stolen, call the Denver Police Department in the area in which you reside, or in which your bicycle was stolen (see a precinct map).

Thinking about getting a bike for commuting? RTD's bike-n-Ride program makes it easy to get around with your bike. The bike-n-Ride program gives you information on bike lockers and transporting your bike on the light rail or RTD bus system.

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Report a Problem

Report Problems Like:
  • Potholes/Sinkholes
  • Ice on paths or trails
  • Debris on the street

Denver 311 Help Center

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Emergencies: 911
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