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Community Health Improvement Plan

Denver’s 2014-2018 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) was designed to guide governmental and community-wide efforts to improve the health of Denver residents. This includes reducing health disparities and lowering health care costs. The CHIP is a citywide effort where organizations, groups, and individuals can coordinate strategies around the following two priority health areas.


The full report can be viewed here. The Community report, which is a condensed version highlighting key components, can be viewed here. An executive summary is available here.

Two task forces representing organizations throughout Denver worked to establish goals and develop an Action Plan for each priority area. Each action plan includes a set of objectives, strategies, and metrics for measuring progress.

This progress report provides an update for CHIP’s priority areas: Access to Care and Healthy Eating Active Living. This report will continue to be released on an annual basis. It describes the progress toward our five-year CHIP goals. In addition, it also provides successes, challenges, and revisions to the activities of each workgroup.

CHIP 2016-18 Strategy