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Active Living

In addition to healthy eating, active living is an important part of being healthy.  An active lifestyle is influenced by many factors beyond simply personal choice. Favorable public areas for people to visit, play, or exercise requires accessible sidewalks and paths, safe streets, and low perception of crime.

Our constructed environments are all part of the "built environment," which includes: land use, public amenities, crime, transportation, and social cohesion. Each of these components can alter a community's relationship with the local environment and affect overall health.

The Community Health Improvement Plan calls for examining and improving active living environments by assessing Safe Routes, bicycle and pedestrian opportunities and funding, and by performing Health Impact Assessments.

Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessments are an important strategy in the CHIP.  While many think of public health in terms of services and programs, HIAs inform policy and planning, which can have a large, community-level affect on health.

View the full Globeville, Elyria and Swansea Health Impact Assessment (HIA) here. The executive summary of the HIA is available in both English and Spanish. The recommendations in Spanish are available here.  Be Healthy Denver completed this HIA in conjunction with Community Planning and Development's neighborhood plan. The report is also available by sections:


 List of Appendices:


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