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Better Denver Bond Program

Project Updates

The City provided funding for more than 380 projects through the Better Denver Bond program, grouped by their bond initiative type and corresponding to the original ballot initiative (1B-1H).

As of 2016, approximately 38 Better Denver projects remain in progress. These final projects are expected to conclude in 2017.


Better Denver logoIn 2007, Denver’s citizens passed the ballot initiatives that established the Better Denver Bond Program, a comprehensive effort to invest in our infrastructure, and to enhance and construct city facilities that touch our lives. Better Denver provided the funds to address critical maintenance issues as well as the growing impact of increased use and wear of facilities brought on by increasing population. These funds also enhance our City’s quality of life and served as a stimulus by pumping millions of dollars into the local economy and helping to put people to work.

Read more about the history of the program


Project Reports

Through this program, Denver has been able to improve, preserve, renovate and build new roads, libraries, parks, city offices, and other facilities related to health and human services, public safety and culture. 

Overview reports for completed projects are now available. More reports will be added as project data is finalized. 


Public Art

Public art example

One percent of the construction budget of projects whose combined design and construction budget exceeds $1 million must be set aside for public art. Learn more about how art is incorporated into qualifying projects.


photo of solar panels

Many aspects of the Better Denver projects lend themselves to green design and construction solutions that help to sustain our environment. Learn more about the program's sustainable development approach.

Implementation and Management

To ensure a smooth delivery and efficient performance on large scale, multi-faceted projects, a program management model was chosen to administer and manage the Better Denver program. Learn more about how the program has been managed and implemented.