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Implementation and Management

The City chose a program management model to assist in administering and managing the Better Denver program. Program Management is a business practice used to ensure smoother delivery and improved performance on large scale, multi-faceted projects. 

 The city launched a procurement process to select a program manager firm, resulting in the selection of the locally-based engineering, construction and project management company CH2M HILL. CH2M HILL serves as an extension of City staff. The firm will be responsible for providing day-to-day customer service to end users, and aligning the efforts of hundreds of designers, contractors, and third parties to City goals and standards. This public-private partnership allows the City to maximize the outstanding expertise of its staff with the support of a private sector firm in order to reduce costs, and improve schedule performance, quality, and safety standards.


Denver City Council


The Better Denver Program will be guided, at different levels, through the following groups:  


  • Mayor/Mayor's Office
  • City Council
  • Program Management Firm (CH2M HILL)
  • Bond Czar/Bond Implementation Committee
  • Executive Committee (Mayor, Council President, Bond Czar, and key city staff)
  • Steering Committee (staff representatives of the benefiting agencies)


    Oversight of the bond program will be responsibility of the Bond Czar, Don Hunt, who was appointed as director of the bond program by Mayor Hickenlooper in January 2008. During implementation of the bond program, Hunt will chair the Better Denver Executive Committee, which will develop program policy and manage performance and accountability. He served as chair of the Transportation Subcommittee of the City's Infrastructure Priorities Task Force. Hunt, former chief executive officer of national, Denver-based engineering firm BRW Inc., no leads the Antero Co., a real estate ownership and advisory firm.


    To deliver quality projects as quickly and efficiently as possible, an executive committee has aslo been established to oversee implementaiton and to ensure program manager and Administration accoutnability. The Executive Committee is made up of key City staff and primaryly designed to work with and respond to City Council. City Council President Michael Hancock is the chair of the executive committe.


    Finally the steering committee is made up of City staff with the charter to respond to the Executive Committee and facilitate running the program.