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Projects and Purposes

The Better Denver Bond Program’s projects stem from the 2004-2006 work of the Infrastructure Priorities Task Force, comprised of citizens and others, which identified 68 main projects and many smaller projects. The projects were also identified and endorsed by a vote of areas residents in 2007 and by City Council Ordinance.

The bond projects include needed upgrades and repairs to existing facilities and the construction of new facilities. Bond projects continue to improve the streets and roads we use to get around; the parks and recreation centers where we play; cultural facilities we visit; police and fire facilities that enhance our safety; and a number of city buildings and offices where operations are managed.


Project Reports

Through this program, Denver has been able to improve, preserve, renovate and build new roads, libraries, parks, city offices, and other facilities related to health and human services, public safety and culture. 

Overview reports for completed projects are now available. More reports will be added as project data is finalized. 

See the reports and documentation »