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Cultural Facilities


Denver’s main cultural facilities continue to benefit from the Better Denver Bond Program. Ballot measure 1G allowed the City to issue $60.5 million in bonds to invest in refurbishment and maintenance of the Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Performing Arts Complex, and Red Rocks Amphitheater. Furthermore, ballot measure 1H allowed the City to issue $70 million in bonds for new construction projects at these same facilities.


Project Reports

Each report includes scope, cost, schedule and project team information.


public art sculpture in front of Webb Building

Public Art

One percent (1%) of the construction budget of any single city capital improvement project with a combined design and construction budget over $1 million must be set aside for the inclusion of art in the new project. Read more


Refurbishment and Maintenance

Demolition and replacement of existing greenhouse complex; improvements to existing building systems, irrigation and parking lot surface.

Facility condition assessment, improvements to exterior building envelope and interior finishes, and installation of updated audiovisual equipment.

Improvements to building envelope, building systems and interior finishes.

Installation of a freight elevator to facilitate programming/events.

Improvements including regrading, erosion control and road realignment.

Stabilization, repointing and replanting of 30 planter boxes throughout venue.

Redesign and renovation of the Newton Theater rehearsal space including improvements to the Newton Theater entry, elevator and lobby space.

DPAC Galleria improvements including restoration of pavement, ramps, stairs, handrails, and lighting.

Full renovation of the Bonfils Complex Seawell Ballroom.

Full renovation of the Bonfils Complex Space Theatre.

Deferred maintenance of structural elements within DPAC parking garage.

Deferred maintenance of structural elements within 13th Street Tunnel.

Deferred maintenance to Galleria paving surface.

Deferred maintenance of roofs at Ellie Caulkins Opera House and Buell Theatre.


New Construction

Design and construction of new education facility at Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Re-alignment of road adjacent to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science addition and reconfiguration of DMN&S entrance intersection into roundabout.

Procurement and installation of new artifacts storage cabinets.

Build-out of the new Discovery Zone in the Morgridge Family Exploration Center.

Demolition of existing bridge and improvements to intersection/streetscape.

Procurement and installation of new, improved stage lighting control panel.

Design and installation of LED canopy lighting within DPAC galleria.  

Construction of additional restroom facilities.

Enhancements to 13th Street streetscape between Convention Center and DPAC.

Build-out of existing shell space in the third floor back-of-house area.

Design and construction of a new welcome center at DAM.

Design and construction of new restroom facilities, The Hive Garden Bistro and the Science Pyramid educational facility.

Design and construction of a new large carnivore holding facility.

Provision of a permanent potable water supply to the venue.

New paving and patron amenities at Red Rocks Upper North parking lot, new traffic controls at Road 1 intersection, as well as new pathway lighting and electrical infrastructure.

Renovation comprising reconfiguration of existing entry plaza, foyer, grand stairway, and second floor space.

Design and construction of new permanent performance venue.

Facility condition assessment and ancillary items.