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Edna Oliver Child Care Learning Center

Project Overview - Complete

The $743,000 repairs and upgrades to the Edna Oliver Early Learning Center included many items that were less visible, but were important none-the-less for the comfort, health, and positive learning environment of the students.
The Center originally lacked insulation, so insulation was provided to help keep the Center comfortable. A new hot water boiler was installed. New energy efficient lighting was installed, providing better lighting coverage in the classrooms. The outmoded electrical service was brought up to current standards. The teacher lavatory and staff office were expanded, both of which are used by parents of the center and neighborhood groups. A new, washable wall surface helps keep the Center cleaner, sanitary and pleasant. The kitchen, where meals and snacks are prepared for the students, has been air conditioned.
Edna Oliver staff say that the changes have “greatly improved our learning environment so we can best help set the foundation for our children and parents” of the 70 children that they serve.