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Northeast Child Care Center

Project Overview - Complete

Northeast Child Development Center is housed in a 30 year-old, city-owned modular building, located at 3503 Marion Street in Denver. The Better Denver Bond Program has funded $743,000 for repairs and improvements to this structure touched on a variety of areas to make this site warmer, more comfortable, fresher and inviting for the children, families, and staff that use the facility. While the new, colorful outdoor murals of children at play are the most noticeable and striking enhancements, other equally important, though less noticeable upgrades were made.

The previous lack of insulation and the old windows made temperatures inside difficult to control. The entire structure was wrapped with new, efficient insulation placed under new exterior siding that was then painted with colorful murals. New double-pane windows were installed in place of the old single-pane aluminum windows. A new handicapped entry ramp was built and the bathroom was remodeled to be ADA compliant (American with Disabilities Act).

Other improvements help to make  the space more efficient, including the installation of lower counters and more cabinet space for storage. A door was installed between the two classrooms which helps the teachers to do school laundry without leaving the classroom and allows them to stay in compliance with safety and supervision requirements for the children.