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The Better Denver Program’s projects stem from the 2004-2006 work of the Infrastructure Priorities Task Force, comprised of citizens and others, which identified 68 main projects and many smaller projects  The projects were also identified and endorsed by a vote of areas residents in 2007 and by City Council Ordinance.
The bond projects include needed upgrades and repairs on existing facilities, or the construction of new facilities. Bond projects will improve the streets and roads we use to get around; the parks and recreation centers where we play; cultural facilities we visit; police and fire facilities that enhance our safety; and a number of City buildings and offices where operations are managed.
There are over 280 bond projects. They are grouped below by their bond initiative type, and corresponding to the original ballot initiative. More information on specific projects can be found by clicking on the links within the following bond issues:
Original Ballot Item
Type / Title
Animal Shelter, Child Care Centers , 5th Floor Expansion at Denver Health.
Maintenance on existing libraries (excluding the main branch) and new libraries in Stapleton, Green Valley Ranch, and West Denver .
Improvement and maintenance of Denver ’s streets, widening of Federal Blvd., and dozens of improvements on other main streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian areas.
Improvements to most of Denver ’s parks. Major maintenance of Civic Center Park , fixing irrigation and sprinkler systems. New recreation centers in Stapleton and Central Denver .
Maintenance on the aging City and County building (exterior restoration, restrooms, etc.). Maintenance on the Permit Center and other buildings.
1G and 1H
Overdue maintenance on the Botanic Gardens, Boettcher Concert Hall, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Renovation, recreation, and expansion of Boettcher Concert Hall. Construction of a new storage facility and education center for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
A new crime lab, renovation of fire stations, a new fire station at the Lowry development, and a new firing range for the police department.