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Central Park Boulevard

Project Overview - Complete

The Central Park Boulevard (CPB) Interchange, was constructed between Quebec Street and Havana Street on Interstate 70 with funding from the Better Denver Bond Program and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project was completed in November 2011 and improves mobility and connectivity in the area.


The CPB Interchange connects the Stapleton Development on both sides of I-70 with the construction of a six lane bridge over I-70. The CPB Bridge is multi-modal friendly and includes twelve foot sidewalks to accommodate vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle travel.


The second component of the project connects CPB to Interstates 70 and 270. These connections will allow less traffic on I-70 and provide better access to the Stapleton area.  Additionally, the new ramps remove vehicles previously traveling to I-270 on I-70, reducing the volume of traffic on I-70 and creating better traffic flow. Due to the nature of the connections, the interchange consists of a network of “braided” ramps, along the north and south sides of I-70 to provide access to and from the two interstate highways. The ramps are being constructed on land which had been set aside for that purpose. 


In 2000, the former Stapleton International Airport site began transformation to become one of the nation’s largest urban mixed-use infill developments. The redevelopment of the 4,700-acre site occurred on both sides of Interstate 70 in east Denver without a designated road to connect the two sides. However the designated road was included in the plans for the area. The Central Park Boulevard project was planned designated road making these connections while also providing crucial access to I-70 and I-270; and their links across the state.


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