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Colfax Avenue - Grant to Columbine (CBID) and Columbine to St. Paul (Greektown)

Improvements began March 5, 2012.

Project Overview

Colfax East - (Columbine to St. Paul) Improvements – Greektown

  • Approximately six blocks in the designated “Greektown” area
  • Improvements will help to create an enhanced transit corridor
  • 36 new pedestrian lights will be installed that are painted a special “Greektown Blue” (these poles match the existing blue street furniture/bins in the area)
  • Improve sidewalks and curb ramps
  • Install 14 trees with irrigation

These improvements will be maintained with funding from the Greektown Local Maintenance District

Some traffic impacts are anticipated during construction as work on the sidewalk/crossing ramps could constrict traffic and turns while improvements are being done.  The irrigation street taps will affect Colfax traffic, and closure of the parking lanes will be needed at times.


Project Managers anticipate that work in the Greektown area will commence before work in the Grant to Columbine section begins.


Colfax East  - (Grant to Columbine) Improvements - CBID

  • Approximately 21 blocks
  • Improvements will help to create an enhanced transit corridor
  • Upgrade pedestrian sidewalk lights, adding 131 new pedestrian lights with better light coverage to make the area safer and more welcoming:
  • Replace older existing outdated pedestrian light posts and in some cases lights.. These lights will be replaced with new classic-looking acorn glass/dome lights that match the recently installed pedestrian lights (between Corona and Franklin)
  • Pedestrian lighting will be maintained by the Colfax Business Improvement District


Project construction will have minimal traffic impacts; however parking meters will be bagged in the immediate area of construction while light pole improvements are being done.





Public Outreach

CID Quarterly Meeting Discussion
October 20, 2010 
Gateway Options vers.2  Colfax Business Improvement District

Design Public Meeting
July 27th, 2010

Click image for Project Summary Overview
Gateway Options Colfax Business Improvement District
Scoping Public Meeting #1
February 4, 2009


Scoping Public Meeting #2
March 24, 2009

Bond Project Map

Click here to view CBID bond project.

Click here to view Greektown bond project.